Layer Me Up! – How to Have Fun With Layers

As chilly weather approaches, we find more and more reasons to bundle up each morning. However, just because you have to layer up to keep warm, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute doing it!

Typically, there are two fears to layering:

1. You lose your body shape/curves (or you end up looking like a fluffy marshmallow walking around)
2. It looks ugly and/or boring

cardigan-layering-makemechicHow To Turn a Disadvantage Into An Advantage

Layering for cold weather can be really fun and you can still look cute! For those who are afraid of looking frumpy or shapeless, there are ways around it. The trick to layering is in thin, fitted layers. So if you wish to obtain this look to the left, you can start with a basic fitted cami underneath. Then layer on a figure hugging top (it can range anywhere from a high neck long sleeve to a cowl neck tank, whichever fits your mood!). Next you can add a fun, knit cardigan to the mix! Again, the trick to avoid looking overly thick is to layer thin layers. You still get overall coverage for cold nights, but at least your curves can still show through!

Another way to add some frosting to this, is to style it with a scarf. Check out our post here for scarf tips!

crop-top-layering-makemechicLayering Can Look Goooood

So say you’re going to a winter indoor event. No knit sweaters or thick parkas needed. With that kind of opportunity, it’s time to add some real spice to that pumpkin spice latte! To our left, we have a great example of layering with fun! This top is actually a lace crop top with attached chiffon sleeves. Then you go ahead and add a different texture with this velvet fringe kimono. Pretty much any half sleeve or 3/4 sleeve cardigan or kimono is perfect for layering with a long sleeve under. It adds a sweet color blocking theme to your look, and it keeps the eye interested in the different looks. Crop tops are still useful in chilly weather because they are pretty easy to layer with. Wear it with high waisted jeans and a long cardigan and you have a complete look for those nights you’re going out. Or if you’d like to play with sheer materials a little more, a cute crop top or bralette would still look alluring under a knit sweater or cardigan.

long flannel layering makemechicCasual Fridays!

For those days you’re not feeling knit patterns, you can always take out your bolder prints out to play. There are two things to keep in mind for days like these. 1. Again, thin layering is essential to keep you looking as woman as you can. And 2. Clashing textiles. Prints and textures can really liven up a look, but depending on the print, it can also really clash. While of course, we at endorse all styles and all preferences, these are just some guidelines we suggest. Guidelines are guides not rules, so do whatever you want in the end! Typical rules with textiles though…

1. Don’t mix two bold prints together. Perhaps a bright red paisley scarf wouldn’t complement the light blue polka dot cardigan too well. You want to keep an overall theme in mind, so if you’re feeling paisley, I would pick one item and then build your look around it to truly complement it. So if you choose bright red heels with gold detail accents, maybe dress up with black jeans, burgundy top, and some gold accessories. You can also play with colors in that oranges and browns can help make those red heels pop. Of course, I’ve seen amazing outfits where every article of clothing was a different color, but the cheat code to that look is in the solids. You can pull off a royal blue crop top with a white midi skirt and yellow heels pretty well if they are all solids.

2. Where you can go wrong with black
I loveeee black don’t get me wrong! It is my go to color for any purchase. However, black can be worn in an unflattering way if you are wearing black that is all the same material or texture. If it is your job to go unseen, then yes, black tights and a black top in a matching material would be perfect. However, if you want to stand out for the woman that you are, than play up those textures! Black jeans would look great with a knit or woven black top! Pair some sheer patterned tights with a black knit dress! There are so many materials out there, you truly can’t go wrong mixing textiles within the same color.

3. A Belt Can Do Wonders
So if you find yourself layering on thicker things than usual because the weather is being quite awful today, that’s okay. Layer on those thicker layers, and top it off with a thick belt. This belt, worn over the waist, helps accentuate the curves hidden under those layers and keeps you from looking like a walking padded stick. So find a thick accented belt and pair it with your favorite winter coat and you’re good to go!


Wondering what you should wear on your feet? Check out this article for some tips!

Jewelry Tattoos

Jewelry Tattoos

Credit: Instagram @gypsylovinlight

One of the hottest trends that have taken Makemechic by storm is the temporary metallic jewelry tattoo! If you’re wondering what all the craze is about, let me enlighten you. These fun metallic tattoos resemble real jewelry, with designs that look like our everyday bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. What’s not to love? This jewelry trend initially began in 2012 with Dior’s limited edition set priced at $120. That’s a pretty penny for something that only lasts a few days! While they didn’t really gain popularity back then, they’ve come back with full force and a lower price tag, making them extremely popular with celebrities and bloggers everywhere.

Credit: Fameflynet

How to Wear Jewelry Tattoos

The great part about this trend is that it allows you to be creative and try out a variety of looks with no commitment. You won’t need to clutter your drawers with fashion accessories that you’ve grown tired of; instead, opt for a jewelry tattoo when you want a little sparkle. You can give your flash tattoo a more realistic feel by layering it with real accessories. These temporary metallic tattoos are perfect for summer festivals and dressing up bikinis at the beach. But for fall, a more subtle approach is a key factor in rocking this look. Focus on one specific body part, such as the hand by adding a few simple midi rings with your jewelry tattoo. You can also add a few lightweight bangles with a tattoo cuff. They are perfect for dressing up an evening dress at your next formal event or adding a subtle sheen to your everyday attire.


Credit: Splash News

For a bold approach to this look, try out larger jewelry tattoos such as a statement gold-tone necklace or a cool body chain. What I like most about these jewelry tattoos are their realistic look.  It’s also a plus that you don’t need to be weighed down or worry about losing your favorite pieces; with these metallic tattoos, you will create the illusion of wearing jewelry without any of the hassle.

Check out our new collection of jewelry tattoos before they’re all swept up!

GIRL CRUSH! Michaela DePrince

Michaela DePrince at Teen Vogue's BTS Shoot -

Michaela DePrince

All over the world, rules and standards are set for what is “right” and what is “pretty”. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be reasons to stop you from doing what you love. Today’s Girl Crush is dedicated to none other than the lovely Michaela DePrince.

Michaela DePrince was a war orphan from the country of Sierra Lyon. Her father was killed, and was taken by her uncle after her mother passed away…only to be left at the orphanage. As if being an orphan wasn’t a hard enough hurdle to go through in life, Michaela also had a skin disease called vitiligo. It is a well spread belief that those affected with vitiligo was thought to be the “devil’s child”. And for having this skin condition, Michaela was often shunned and left unadopted until the DePrince’s came along. (Source: Her Biography)

A Mother’s Story

As a young mother, Elaine DePrince had a son who passed away at an early age. Before he passed away, he requested his parents to “please adopt an orphan from a war-torn country in Africa.” Tall order for a 7 year-old.

But he left his parents inspired as they did go to Africa to adopt a little girl. While there, their case worker had asked if they would consider adopting a girl additional to the one they were already going to meet. Apparently, this other girl would have trouble finding a family as her skin condition managed to chase others away. When asked what skin condition did this little girl have, the couple laughed. They too, had vitiligo (although it’s not quite as apparent on those with paler skin than those with darker skin), and soon adopted both girls. From hard beginnings, Michaela soon found a warm and welcoming family to be adopted to. (source: Vitiligo Voices)

An Inspiration

Michaela DePrince now stands as a dancer as part of the Internationally known Dutch National Ballet, located in Amsterdam. From the time she started dancing, time and time again, she was told that “the world is not ready for a “black girl ballerina”", and that “black dancers weren’t worth investing in.” Despite not being the stereotype image of a ballerina (stick skinny and pale as snow), Michaela prevailed and is still dancing successfully today.

Check out this excerpt from her book, Taking Flight (pre-order here!)

Taking Flight: Exclusive Excerpt

When I awoke the next morning, the air was thick with orange dust. I could not even see the sun, and the force of the Harmattan wind almost knocked me over. Auntie Fatmata told us to stay inside, but I was sure that I heard my father’s voice carried by the wind. “Come with me, Mabinty Suma,” I said to my friend. “I want to walk to the gate to see if my father has come calling for me.”

“You are crazy, Mabinty Bangura. Your parents are dead, so how can your papa be at the gate?”

“But I never saw my papa’s dead body, and I hear his voice,” I insisted.

“That is just the wind calling,” Mabinty Suma scoffed.

I shook my head. “Maybe he didn’t die. Maybe he is alive, and he has come to visit me for my birthday,” I declared as I tugged at her arm.

Mabinty Suma rolled her eyes and whined, “If we go, Auntie Fatmata will be angry.”

“She won’t beat me. She’s afraid of me,” I reminded her.

“Ha! Well, she isn’t afraid of me. You are the witch child, not me, Mabinty Bangura.”

What my friend said was true, so I patted her shoulder and said, “You can stay here. I’m not afraid to go alone.” Then I pulled my T-shirt up over my nose and forced my way against the headwind. The particles of sand stung my skin like needles as I raced toward the gate.

I had run far when I heard Mabinty Suma coughing and calling my name. She was nearly invisible in the swirling clouds of dust. I retraced my steps to her, and hand in hand we headed for the gate.

We did not find my papa when we reached the gate. My heart sank as I watched long lines of strangers hurrying by. Men were pushing wheelbarrows filled with all their worldly goods. Women and girls with baskets of their belongings trailed behind them, babies inlapas clinging to their backs.

“Where are you going?” I called out to a girl about my age.

“The war has come to our town. We are running away from the debils. You should run away too,” she answered, and kept going.

I looked at Mabinty Suma and asked, “Should we run away?”

“How can we do that?” she asked. “We have no parents to protect us.”

I peered through the wrought-iron gate, hoping that someone would come to take me away. Just then I was slapped in the face. “Ugh! Trash!” I exclaimed, but it wasn’t trash at all. I had been attacked by the pages of a magazine. The magazine was stuck in the gate, exactly where my face had been. I reached my hand through and grabbed it.

It was filled with shiny pages printed with pictures of white people. I squinted to look at it, though I was nearly blinded by the dust.

I grabbed Mabinty Suma, and together we ran to the shelter of a tree. “Look! This is what white people look like,” I said as I held the fluttering magazine out to her.

“Why are they dressed so funny?” she asked, giggling as she held it inches away from her eyes.

I looked at the cover. A white lady was wearing a very short, glittering pink skirt that stuck out all around her. She also wore pink shoes that looked like the silk fabric I had once seen in the marketplace, and she was standing on the very tips of her toes. “Isn’t that a funny way to walk?” Mabinty Suma asked.

“Hmm, I think that she might be dancing,” I said.

“Dancing! On tippy-toe? It’s impossible to do that!” my friend exclaimed. “Oh no. I think that I could do it, if I tried hard enough,” I said. Then I leaped to my feet and stood on the tips of my naked toes. I dropped back to the soles of my feet, and I twirled around, full of joy, despite the wind that stung my face and blew into my open mouth.

“Someday I will dance on my toes like this lady. I will be happy too!” I shouted into the wind.

At that moment we heard Auntie Fatmata screaming for us to come back. “Hurry! Go. I’ll follow you,” I said. Then I quickly ripped the cover off of the magazine as the wind tried to tear it from my hands, and folded it in half, and in half again. I stuffed it into my underwear, the one item of clothing that I owned. I ran back to the building with the magazine flapping in my hand.

When I saw how angry Auntie Fatmata was, I said, “Look, Auntie Fatmata, I have a gift for you. It’s a white person’s magazine and it has many wonderful pictures.”

Ah, the look of confusion on her face was priceless. It must have been very difficult to allow the words Thank you, Number Twenty-Seven to spill from her lips.

Later I heard Auntie Fatmata complaining loudly to Auntie Sombo. “Number Twenty-Six and Number Twenty-Seven were down by the gate in all of this wind. Stupid girls. Don’t they know that nothing good ever comes of the Harmattan?”

I grinned behind my hands. Then I stood on my toes and tried to twirl around the room, nearly tripping over the legs of the other girls. “Ow! Oof! What are you doing, Mabinty Bangura? You are stepping on us,” Yeabu complained.

“I’m celebrating the Harmattan!” I exclaimed, giddy with excitement, knowing that some good does come from the Harmattan.

(Taken from TeenVogue)

Watch this lovely video her behind the scene shoot with Teen Vogue!

Cozy Up With Fall Sweaters

Sweater Weather

Fall is finally upon us and we have just what you need to keep updated with the coolest trends this season. One of my favorite things about fall is that you get to wear comfortable and cozy knit sweaters! They are extremely soft and stylish at the same time—what is better than that? So sit back and take a sip of hot chocolate as you read on for three different types of sweaters you can incorporate into your fall wardrobe.

Basic Sweaters

Sweaters that generally come in solid colors are a closet staple for fall and winter. These basic sweaters are so versatile because there are no added frills that you need to worry about. You can choose to wear them with statement jewelry and simple denim jeans or tights. Pair your oversized sweater with colored tights for a cool twist. The colorful bottom will balance out the simple sweater and still give your outfit an effortlessly chic vibe.

Knit Sweaters

Keep your outfit interesting and fun by pairing a cozy knit sweater with a printed maxi skirt and ankle boots. Bonus points if the textures of each are different; it will give your outfit an intricate look without any of the hassle. This look works for fall and winter because of the thicker textures; you’ll stay warm but look fashionable. You can mix a creamy white sweater with black tights for a look that everyone will love. Throw on one of your new scarves and head out the door. Scarves are perfect complements to sweaters because they come in so many patterns, textures and colors.

Printed Sweaters

Don’t be afraid to indulge in some fun and uniquely patterned sweaters. Fashion is a creative outlet that you can take and run with so go crazy! Show off your quirky side with sweaters that say how you’re feeling—graphic sweaters are always great for casual wear. You can rock them when you go to school or on a relaxing weekend outing with friends. They are perfect for expressing your mood. I am absolutely in love with animal and tribal prints paired with simple black or gray tights and riding boots. They are so fun and fierce, what’s not to love?

Get in a cozy mood by browsing through our collection. Sweater weather starts today!

How To Wear Pearls

Accessorizing has always been a fun past time for me, but like most people, some times I just don’t know where to start with the latest and cutest trends. While pearls have always been around, the ways to wear them have constantly changed. If you’ve found yourself falling in love with pearls, take a look on some suggestions on how to wear them!How to wear pearls -

Photo Credit:
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Toshiko [itsnotheritsme]: Check out her own post about pearls!
Selena Gomez as Herself
Last three photos were found on Pintrest with no author/credit given.

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Mermaid Skirt Phenomenon

Mermaid Skirt Phenomenon

We’ve all heard about the popular midi skirts for fall but what about mermaid skirts? At first, I thought this was a tough trend to pull off; but the more I look at it, the more I see how it works with all body types. This type of skirt is flattering on curvy girls by accentuating their beautiful curves and works well with skinny girls because it gives the illusion of curves. The mermaid skirt is perfect for creating an hourglass silhouette and displaying your feminine side. The best part of this trend is that you can definitely rock it in solids and neutral tones or don a colorful outfit. This is definitely a great transitional piece as well because it looks great with both crop tops and cozy knit sweaters. You can put your own creative twist on this trend to make it a closet staple.

Photographed by Victoria Adamson

If you have no idea what a mermaid skirt is, let me enlighten you. Mermaid skirts generally are fitted at the waist like a bodycon skirt but with one major difference: it has a wide flare at the hem that resembles a mermaid. There are several different types of mermaid skirts including ones that fall at or slightly below the knee and others that skim the floor. This trend is seductive, sophisticated and feminine. One of the things I love about the mermaid skirt is the variety of styles and colors that you can find them in which makes them great desk-to-dinner pieces. Read on for tips and tricks to own the mermaid skirt.

Office Wear

Miranda Kerr

Choose a neutral, solid tone for your mermaid skirt. Make sure it is knee-length or a few inches below the knee to keep your look classy and work-appropriate. Pair your skirt with a colored blouse or trendy top for a splash of color. If the weather is a bit cooler, you can pair your outfit with a blazer or structured coat. Finish off your look with cute pumps and you’re all set!

Date Night Outfit

Photo Credit: BonjourJR

To achieve the perfect date-night outfit using the mermaid skirt, choose a design with lace or mesh. The intricate and slightly revealing design is great for a special night out; it will definitely blow your date away! The key is to choose one that will highlight your curves and make you feel confident. You can have fun with this trend by choosing a bold color that will pop and draw eyes your way. Pair your skirt with a fun crop top or cozy sweater for cooler nights. Make this look your own by adding a few unique touches with a cute pair of earrings and your favorite go-to clutch.

Special Occasion Look

Make a memorable entrance at your next formal event with a mermaid maxi skirt. Jaws will definitely hit the floor when you sweep in with grace and beauty in your gorgeous number. For a look that is sure to catch attention, you can choose a metallic color to create that glamorous vibe. Pair your skirt with an elegant top and statement jewelry. The perfect finishing touch is beautiful stiletto heels that will make the cameras focus on you.

Mermaid skirts have swept me up in their unforgettably classy design. How will you own this trend?

Your 4 Favorite Fall Skirts

As the season changes from warm, sunny weather to chilly, cold nights, our wardrobe too, must change. The fun part, as always, is building the perfect wardrobe that you can use and play throughout the season. And while our short shorts and daisy dukes may have to be stored away until next year, your skirts can be easily converted to the perfect fall skirts.

mermaid ruffle skirt - makemechicThe Mermaid Skirt

This silhouette has always been a favorite because it has such a sexy way of hugging your waist but then it literally adds the fun and the frills at the end. This ruffled hem skirt can take two simple looks and give it an extra texture. Take for example of this was just a pencil skirt, they’re wouldn’t be anything particularly eye-catching about this outfit. But with the ruffled hem, it adds length and keeps the look from being a single bland line. This fall skirt is a fun must have. While cold weather may require layered and covered looks, this silhouette can only help accentuate yours. The midi length has also grown in popularity and this new length really has a way of accentuating your shoe-ware!

The Leatherette Skirt hi-lo leatherette skirt - makemechic

My love for pleather/leatherette/faux leather/vegan leather has only grown since I’ve discovered it as a young teen. It’s always been able to give me these feelings of strength and confidence whenever I’m out and about. For fall especially, leather has such a great way of keeping you warm! This particular styled skirt would look amazing layered with a long trench coat or with your favorite cable knit tights under! Or if you’re just out for a fancy night, pair this with a matching crop top and you’ll have an edgy look from head to toe. This skirt also allows you to play with different materials such as lace and mesh. Danger meets danger and it can look quite amazing.

knit marled skirt - makemechicThe Knit Marled Skirt

Winter’s recurring theme has been, and always will be, knit woven items. And while it is consistently there, it doesn’t mean you have to wear anything frumpy or unflattering. This season’s fall skirt front runner would have to be knit marled/heathered/marbled skirts. These skirts keep a simple silhouette, but have the most lovely eye catching color scheme. This look can be easily paired with a matching or contrasting top. This is where a blast from the past gets to resurface and make a comeback in a skinnier, more flashy form.

lace mesh overlay skirt - makemechicThe Lace Mesh Skirt Overlay

Some of you may think, that’s not even a real skirt, does this even count? Yes, yes it does. Lace & mesh has always found a way to add a touch of sheer and sexy to any look. Here is where layering can look damn good! This is just part one of your look. There are two reasons you layer.

1. To keep warm
2. To keep your look from looking boring or simple

This can do both. Paired with your new favorite knit tights, or sheer colored tights, the lace mesh overlay can definitely keep your look feeling some type of way. It still creates an overall dark look, but gives anyone looking the feeling that they’re getting a ‘sneak peek’ of something great.

So for this season, don’t be afraid to layer! You have a body, and you can adorn its curves and you can have fun! What’s a new look you’re aiming to try for this season?


Curious on how to wear maxi skirts? Check out this post for some suggestions!

House of Ruth – The Fight Against Domestic Abuse

This week we are spotlighting an issue that has recently hit national news–domestic abuse. Unfortunately, it’s been an underlying issue long before it received this year’s national attention. No thanks to Ray Rice, the issue has been getting much more press than previous years. I believe it’s mainly due to the fact that there have been huge campaigns in reaction to the video. Humanity is kicking in and saying this year, it is not just an issue that’s going to be swept under the rug and forgotten. This time, people are finally standing up for issues, and they’re actually taking a public stand against it.

The most famous reaction was the photoshopped CoverGirl football ad, reinventing the meaning of “Game Face”.

Domestic Abuse - MakeMeChic

It was a brutal reaction to an even more brutal video displaying domestic abuse and puts into the spotlight of what harm some people will put themselves through. As the Ray Rice video was played for countless hours on repeat all over the internet and on the news, our own emotions were starting to simmer here at MakeMeChic.

As An All-Woman Team

We take pride in the value of women empowering other women. After seeing this issue arise, we wanted to support women who have been victims of domestic violence. This morning we went ahead and reached out to House of Ruth, a battered women’s shelter that assist victims of domestic abuse. We wanted to make a stand for women who are rebuilding their lives and help empower them by donating blazers that they could wear to interviews or to give them a look that they could choose and be proud of. This is a new day and age, and it is a time for change.

House of Ruth

Walking into the House of Ruth:

House of Ruth is a battered women's shelter that assists victims of domestic violence.


“Enter in Peace” – Donors

Donor's Sidewalk Memorial


Quilt Memorial
This quilt has names of heartfelt donors as well as victims who were killed by domestic abuse.

What is Domestic Violence?

  • A pattern of behavior with the effect of establishing power and control over another person through feat and intimidation.
  • Not all battering is physical. Battering can include emotional, economic, sexual, abuse. It can include using children as leverage, name calling, and intimidation.
  • Battering can escalate. It is dangerous because it can start in small ways such as name calling, threats, or violence in the victim’s presence.

It’s not an easy road to take, choosing to leave. Your self-esteem is low and you’re afraid to be on your own. I got the strength to leave him, and with the support from my family and House of Ruth, I am slowly turning my life around.

- Paula


House of Ruth offers services from emergency safe shelter 24 hours, long term transitional shelter, children’s programs, case management, life skill classes, and so, so much more. While House of Ruth is currently located in Pomona, don’t be afraid to reach out the a battered women’s shelter near you for assistance.

Currently, the House of Ruth is having a Purple Purse Challenge in hopes of meeting the $100,000 goal. Take part and spread the message, donate here.

Interested in learning more about the House of Ruth? Check out their Facebook!

MakeMeChic donations

Amber Rose’s Looks For Less!

Through life’s trials and tribulations, one can still look fabulous through and through. Today I would like to spotlight Miss Amber Rose, model, singer, actress, and mother extraordinaire! She’s made headlines all year, including her stunning (and left many quite speechless!) dress at the VMAs! Her outfits no doubt are ones to look out for, and she’s certainly has a fearless aura around her. She wore it best, and here are some of our favorites!


Amber Rose in Fringe and Lace Crop top - MakeMeChic

Amber Rose @ Coachella
Here you can see her rocking out in a lace & fringe crop top overlay with high waisted shorts and gladiator heels to accent. This look has an overall cut out or skin and color contrast feel to it. You can swap out those gladiator sandals for boots just as easily if you’re looking for a more dark edge to your look. She has definitely achieved a perfect festival look!
Our Look: Cross Strap Fringe Crop Top | Zipper Chunky Boots |

Amber Rose Casual Fashion in Black Dress and Plaid Flannel - MakeMeChic

Amber Rose is rocking out in a tank style black skater dress with a red flannel button up to accent, and tall platform lace up’s to complete the look. There are so many things you can do to this simple look to really make it your own. I think her tattoos have a wonderful way of making her look unique, but she really knows how to make color pops, especially the red and white.
Our Look: Tied At the Waist Helo Dress | T Strap Lug Sole Heels

Chevron Print and Florals Maxi Dress - MakeMeChic

From head to toe, Amber Rose knows how to look divine. (Her choice of hair always reminded me of the great Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti). Here you can see her in a maxi dress that really knows how to show off her curves. While it is covering up a lot of her skin, its pattern makes it eye catching! Geometrical shapes, bold lines, and florals for bright colors makes for a bold look.
Our Look: Floral Jewels Off Shoulder Maxi Dress | Nubuck Ankle Strap Heels

While all three looks are entirely different looks from each other, Amber Rose knows how to pull it off because she doesn’t make it any more or any less of what it should be. If she wants to go festival chic, she will be festival chic. If she wants to rock a maxi dress, she knows how to accessorize with it beautifully. But if there’s one thing all three looks have in common, is that it’s sexy and spills with confidence. Wear your confidence loud and proud, and it’ll be one of the sexiest things you can use to accessorize your look ladies!

Milan Fashion Week! Color Blocking Picks

From fairy tale to cutting edge, these past couple of weeks’ fashion weeks have been extraordinary and lively with a range of color blocking. But with all these different styles going on, it begs the question…what’s hot for fall?! Fall is all about layers (because of the cold…). But who says it has to be frumpy looking or boring? If I want to rock my bright colored heels to work I will do so…without freezing! Checkout our picks from Milan’s Fashion Week and our choice of color palettes for each!

Kicking Off With!

Bright Color Blocking

Coco Rocha CC: Vitorio Zunino Celotto

A Bright and Colorful Color Blocking

Stepping away from spring florals, we have more of jungle-paradise to segue into fall. While bright colors are being used in this pant-suit, the dark accents keep it from being too much for fall. Notice the dark notched collar along with the strip along the side of the pants. Solid, masculine lines in the pant-suit, but playing up the feminine side with the colors. Perfect combination of best of both worlds!


Grunge Street Color Blocking

Craig Arend for the New York Times

Black on Black on…Black Color Blocking

This grunge street wear has the perfect touch of sexy and tough. You’ve got the distressed black skinny jeans, accentuating the woman in her, leading up to the tough-girl bomber jacket, accentuating her shoulders. All of the main details is only in the jacket itself – with its patches and …the black on black pattern on the sleeves. This look gives black different textures and the white patches gives it contrast. It is a great way to make a specific color pop!



Sheer Color Blocking

Gabriel Bouys/Agence France-Presse

All Natural Sheer Color Blocking

With fall comes our open arms to dark colors. But who says you can’t play with all the different kinds of fabrics? Here you have the rocker leatherette jacket with silver zipper accents, giving her a fitted edgy look. It gets sexier when you notice the lace overlay that falls to her ankles with the lace accents at the hem. You can wear all black and not have to be all black. Play it up with your skin tone underneath with same lace or mesh, and mix the different textures to keep the look from going bland.


Textured Color Blocking

Dolce & Gabbana

Texture And Contrast Color Blocking

The next hottest trend for fall seems to be high lace/mesh socks meets your favorite pair of heels! Again, you see a mixture of bright reds and yellows, but it keeps its rigor with the black accents. The high contrast allows for an extra zing in your look, but what I would suggest is keeping one main bright color, balance it out with black, and add two to three colors as accents (there is such thing as one too many colors!). But we’ve definitely that there has been more ankle and knee play in terms of socks! You can still wear your short skirts and dresses, and keep up the heat in the kitchen by pairing it with lace socks. Note: Too high of a sock and you’re in the stockings section, which is more of a lingerie look. Keep it below the knee is what my mother always told me!



Are you ready to play with colors?