2015 Spring Shoe Forecast


Tune in all shoe lovers for Makemechic’s 2015 spring shoe forecast! Here we dive into the popular women’s shoes trends for warmer weather and show how you can pull off these fun styles just in time for spring.

Pointy Pumps with Stiletto Heels

 pointy toe pumps

Pointy pumps give a feeling of sophistication and elegance to any ensemble. A timeless classic, the pointy pump is here to stay but with an extra oomph that makes it sexier: stiletto heels. High heels add some flavor to an already amazing shoe. The best part is you can definitely take this trend from the office to after-work outings. Pair these beauties with a midi skirt for a sultry and sophisticated look. Pointy pumps with stiletto heels will boost your confidence along with your stature.

Lace Up Sandals

 lace up sandals

We love sandals for their comfort and on-the-go vibe. This spring, we’re turning the heat up a notch with lace up sandals. No longer are we limited to plain thong sandals; we dive into more complex territory with knee high sandals with buckles and embellishments. This gladiator style is one trend that will last long into the summer, which is perfect timing for rocking out during music festivals.


 flat forms

Warmer weather means going back to fun styles like flatforms. These are particularly fun to wear because they give you an added boost in height but without the uncomfortable slant of heels. You’ll feel a lot taller and still stay comfortable.  From leatherette to jelly, flatforms come in a wide array of designs and patterns that give this shoe a fun kick!

Block Heels

block heels

If you haven’t already realized, this spring, we’re moving towards more comfortable and trendy shoes. Block heels are the perfect shoe to fit this category because they maintain the same sexiness and height of a stiletto but provide much more support and comfort. We love chunky heels because they work with casual outfits but can also be dressed up. You can totally rock block heels with joggers and a crop top or pair it with a midi dress for a classy event.

We hope you found some style inspiration through our spring shoe forecast!

The List You Need For Coachella!

With one of the biggest music festivals just around the corner, there are some lists that need to be made to make sure you won’t be left wanting when the day approaches! What do you wear? What do you pack? What not to bring?!?! Here are a few items to consider to make sure you make the most of your time at Coachella!

coachella music festival

What To Wear

It’s in the middle of the desert, so you have to modes of temperature: Stupid hot and terribly cold. The trick to dealing with both without having to make a wardrobe change is layering. Here are a few other items to consider:

1. Shorts.
2. Bandana (for the dust annnnd your sweat)
3. Watch (forget trying to use your phone)
4. Sunglasses
5. Hat

Biggest Don’t Wear: Black. Unless you don’t mind the heat.

coachella music festival

What To Pack

1. Water – because staying hydrated is key to not fainting and missing your favorite set.
2. Cash – because most transaction will be cash only and you’re screwed if you lost your debit card
3. Sunscreen
4. Lightweight towel (to sit on, or to soak up your unending amount of sweat)
5. Bug spray
6. Chapstick – nothing feels worse than dry lips, and when you lick your lips only to have it feel even dry-er.

coachella music festival

And at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. These essentials will just guarantee that you’ll continue to have fun without any interruptions. Be safe, be courteous (especially because there’s going to be so many people around you!), and enjoy! Coachella is a major event for a reason, make sure you get to enjoy all of the reasons!

Peanut Butter With My Jelly Sandals!

Or scrap the peanut butter, and lets get straight to that yummy sweetness I like to call, Jelly Sandals! These types of shoes were ever popular last summer, and we can see why it was all the rage. Now that spring weather has prompted for cooler clothing, the jellies are back to play, and they’re back to play in high fashion and casual Sundays. Check out a few ideas to do with these jelly babies!

All Black Jelly Everything

The simplest, chic-est, and most striking adult way to rock jelly shoes is to do it in the best color possible, Black! Let the shiny, jelly material play the textures up for you and make you pop by just being itself.black jelly shoes and purse

Festival Footsie

As far as sandals go, jelly sandals will be a bit more sturdy than any other material out there! Jelly sandal colors really do have a shine to them, so you really can’t wear them without making them a statement piece to everything else in your outfit. Play on the way it pops and make sure to give people a second reason to look at you.

white jelly shoes

Sock It To Me!

Jelly shoes is a unicorn’s best friend. Again, the colors can’t be hidden even if you tried. So instead, why not make it FUN! To each her own, sometimes it is a bit chilly out to wear just sandals, but good thing that socks go with jelly shoes quite well. You can do something like this where the colors contrasts with each other in a very complementary way.

turquoise print socks and jelly flatforms

Or keep it simple and sweet in all white!white jelly shoes

MakeMeChic’s Favorites From The Oscars!

This year’s biggest trends at the Oscars seems to circle around pastels and light, romantic colors. For such a light palette, these stars still made quite a splash!viola davis oscars

You have to love the contrast that this dress is able to play up, and just adore that hourglass figure!

jennifer hudson oscars

Keeping it simple and keeping it all about Jennifer Hudson.

gwyneth paltrow oscarsanna kendrick oscarsoprah winfrey oscars

What don’t you love about this picture?

lupita nyong'o oscars

Granted, this was a simple colored dress. However, Lupita Nyong’o has over 6,000 pearls on and she looks like a goddess.

jennifer lopez oscars

Jennifer Lopez a glamorous as ever! Pastel peach but with all the wonderful extravagant things that won’t let a dress like this be played down!

While pastels were a trend, that doesn’t mean that only the pastels made a killer entrance on the Red Carpet! Check out these ladies of color and how they made it work for them!emma stone oscars

Sequins from head to toe? Don’t mind if I do.

scarlett johansson

Leave everyone green with envy.rosamund pike oscars

Because the only ones who dare to red knows they can work it.

rita ora oscars

Rita Ora in an evening gown that really captures the essence of ‘evening’.

Spring Trends: Lovely in Lace

2015 Lace Fashion

Credit: Makemechic.com

Lace Me Up!

When it comes to one of spring’s hottest trends –lace- it’s time you forget about formal gowns and think of it in the form of sexy fitted dresses, tops, denim and shoe details.  This semi-sheer and sexy material has dominated the runways with its beautiful threadwork, making this a go-to favorite. You can own this trend with everything from a pleated skirt, an edgy leather jacket or a casual leather grey jogger pant. We give a big thumbs up to lace this spring! Here are 3 simple ways you can pair it effortlessly.

All About The Layers

Sexy Lace Dresses

Credit: Getty Image (Dimitrios Kambouris)

1)  Layering: Wearing one color or pattern head-to-toe can seem a little counterintuitive. However, layering lace with other fabric is a surefire way to nail the look. The main rule of thumb is to stick to a neutral tone – it is the easiest to match and flatters almost everyone. Add depth to your crochet dress by wearing it over a satin slip on.

Stand Out In Statement Pieces

How To Wear Lace

Credit: Stockholm Street Style

2)  Statement Piece: Pair your statement crochet piece with an unexpected element like bold colors for a more versatile and high fashion chic look.  Pair a soft cream lace top with a vibrant trousers or leather pants to give your outfit a style spin. The contrast between the neutral lace and bold bottoms is definitely an eye-catcher! Because leather is edgy and lace is dainty, they make a great combination by creating a perfect balance. Wearing bold colors with neutral lace pieces is a great way to make a splash during the springtime.

 All In the Details

Lace Shoes

Credit: Makemechic.com

3)   Accessories: If you’re new to trying out this look, you can start small and work your way into bigger and bolder pieces. Test out the trend with some lace accessories. Some great options are a lace belt, head band or necklace. These will add a subtle elegance to your ensemble without being the main focus. You can even find some heels with crochet detailing for a feminine and chic look.

There are so many ways to style lace to create a flattering and boho chic vibe. How will you rock the trend this spring?

NYFW MakeMeChic’s Favorite Looks!

Through the cold and the windy, NYFW persists on happening! Take a look at quite a few of our favorite picks from this week’s Fashion week!prabal gurungoscar de la rentamarchesadiane von furstenaltuzarrajonathan simkhaijason wutory burchrodartejason wucarolina herreraphilip limproenza schouler NYFW

Clutch in the Moment, Last For A Lifetime

While it may be the smallest in terms of handbag accessories, the clutch contributes to the cohesiveness of the overall look. It can even be the statement piece! Check out the different ways you can accessorize the clutch for the optimal chic effect!


Don’t be afraid to play with color! The clutch can easily play a contrast to your overall outfit and just make everything pop a little more.hot pink leatherette clutch

The Chic Black Leatherette Clutch

If you have a bold statement outfit, the clutch can help tone it down and keep your look from being too over the top. It also keeps from competing with the statement piece.

leather black clutch

big black clutchblack clutch boho

The Boxy Clutch

It’s neat, it’s simple, and it shows texture off quite perfectly. black box clutch

The Sequin Clutch

If you have a particularly light hearted outfit or simple look, don’t hesitate to glam it up with a sequin clutch. Maybe sequins as a top or skirt might be a little much for the day time look, but a sequin clutch is just perfect!sequin clutch

All Pleasing Terrarium DIY!

Get in touch with nature and bring a little life to your life with an easy to do, terrariums! These plants have gained wild popularity and we can definitely see why! Not only can you make the jar unique and catered to whatever room you want to decorate it with, it’s a plant that contributes to refreshing the air around it! Give your desk, room, space a little green and explore away!

Step 1.

Find a glass terrarium that you like with a lid and thin walls or sides. Thinner walls means you can inside a lot better!

MakeMeChic Terrarium

Step 2.

Gather pebbles and grit to layer about 1″-1.5″ of the bottom of your container. This serves to be your water drainage at the bottom of the terrarium.

Then put about a 1/4 cup of activated charcoal over the pebbles and grit to help clean the water you add to your terrarium. No, the bbq charcoal is not the same thing.

Then add seed starting soil. Don’t use the soil from the backyard as it contains bugs and mold that can ruin your terrarium. You can add anywhere between 1″-3″ of soil, feel free to get creative!

MakeMeChic terrarium

Step 3.

Pick out ferns and plants that you would like to add to your terrarium! Succulents are also a popular source for decorating terrariums.MakeMeChic terrarium

While you are more than free to add moss to your terrarium, beware of moss that will turn your terrarium into a compost pound! Stay on the safe side and purchase moss from a store as opposed to collecting moss outside.

MakeMeChic terrarium

When picking out ferns to be apart of your terrarium family, think of buying ones that are slow growers, this keeps your terrarium from growing a little too wild too quickly!MakeMeChic terrarium

Step 4.

Water the roots of the plants and find a good place for your terrarium!

MakeMeChic terrarium

Things to Note:

- Do not put in direct sunlight as it will either bake your terrarium or it will grow too quickly
- It’s okay to allow air when it seems a little too humid in your terrarium, but you don’t want too much airflow or else it’ll dry out your plants!
- You only need to water a few drops of water every 1-3 months. You’ll notice it’ll need water when it starts to smell or look dry!


Show mother nature some love and while you’re at it, make it look good!


Images used from: www.scoreandsolder.
Directions adapted from: analogme.typepad.com/analog-me/2011/02/how-to-make-a-terrarium.html


4 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace

4 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace

How to layer necklaces

Credit: Wendy’slookbook

Statement necklaces are a great way to dress up any outfit. They are versatile because there are so many combinations you can make with a statement necklace that will create a whole new look. From casual to dressy occasions, statement necklaces will make you a fashionista without breaking the bank. Read on to learn four ways to wear a statement necklace that will make your closet pieces seem brand new.

Pair with a Sweater

How to wear statement necklaces

Credit: Olivia Palermo

Savor the last few weeks of winter by pairing a statement necklace with a large sweater. Who says you can’t look amazing even when you’re all bundled up? Statement necklaces will definitely add some pizzazz to your favorite chunky sweater. Find one with lots of color or a unique design to create an effortlessly stylish look. I personally love one with some sparkle; gems or rhinestones make the accessory look extravagant and elegant. Try out a necklace that’s decked out with sparkling jewels to make your oversized sweater a little more interesting.

Pair with a Dress

Date night outfit ideas

Credit: Getty Image

One of the simplest ways to wear a statement necklace is to pair it with a cute dress. Slip into your little black dress and let your accessory shine! A lovely bib or collar necklace will liven up your favorite dress; choose something metallic or colorful for nice contrast to black. One key piece of advice: keep other accessories to a minimum when wearing a statement necklace. If you decide to wear other accessories, make sure they are simple and do not distract from your main piece. After all, you don’t want your accessories to battle for the spotlight. Throw on a blazer and you will have the perfect date night outfit.

Pair with Chambray

how to wear denim tops

Credit: Happinessisanoutfit

Invest in a nice chambray shirt. Chambray is great to pair with a peter pan collar necklace especially when it peeks out underneath the collar. Topping off your button up shirt with a collar necklace will add some fun to a structured look. You can wear denim on denim and add a splash of color with a bright pastel necklace for spring.

Pair with a Plain Tee

Statement necklace outfits

Credit: Lovely By Lucy

It’s always nice to go back to basics: a white tee and your favorite pair of denim. Dress up this casual outfit with a statement necklace with lots of color! This will make a plain outfit a lot more exciting. You’ll be set on laundry day.

Statement accessories are a great way to play up your favorite wardrobe pieces. The key is to style them a little differently each time to make a brand new look! How do you style statement necklaces?

Lace Get Intimate

Spice up the under-wear with something eye worthy and fall in love somewhere in between the details. Intimates can certainly have its lime light when it shows off not only what a work of an art the article of clothing it actually is, but also what a work of are you are. Here’s some fancy, dainty, and lovely fun you can try and see how it makes you feel. If it does the job right, it should make you feel empowered and proud, as you should be!

1. Bras & Bralettes

For this reigning queen, she has gotten a new face lift and come back complicated but ever so lovely! From floral bras, strappy bralettes, and the all time intimate push up bra, you can’t go wrong sticking with this gal. Especially when she looks as enticing from the front as she does from the back!

MakeMeChic lacy braletteMakeMeChic Lacy bralette

2. Sheer Mesh Shift

A sheer mesh shift is able to create an illusion, an intimate feeling of seeing more than what you’re supposed to. And so it wins the biggest trophy for biggest tease! While it may cover your skin from head to toe, it doesn’t do much for actual covering up. Don’t underestimate the power of a meshy sheer shift.

MakeMeChic Sheer shift lingerie

3. Come Out To Play Bodysuit

Bodysuits have been all the rage lately, and appropriately so! Its meant to be played in, and look, and feel, skin tight, and light as air. This little number can usually be worn under any dress or form of clothing for a delicate surprise without having to give anything away.

MakeMeChic nude bodysuit

At the end of the day, you can definitely dress up what’s down under!