3 Looks For The Trendy T Shirt Dress

There are endless possibilities when it comes to wearing t shirt dresses. It can go from a casual school day outfit to an instant suitable night outfit if you pair it with the right shoes and accessories! It comes in different materials, textures and prints so get inspired on how you want to wear your t shirt dress!

The Weekend Side Slit T-Shirt Dress

Side Slit T Shirt Dress - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: makemechic.com

A simply laid back short sleeve t shirt dress with a sexy side slit makes a great casual outfit not only for Fall, but all year long. Kick it with friends in an eye catching knee high lace up heels and an arm cuff to create a cute weekend outfit. Throw on some cute outerwear like a lightweight trench coat for to keep warm on those night time adventures.

Night Out Fit and Flare T-Shirt Dress

Fit Flare T Shirt Dress - MakeMeChic.com

This fit and flare t shirt dress is a bit more formal than the simple t shirt dress. It’s cozy suede material and pleated flare bottom expresses a sophisticated chic feel. It looks amazing paired with ankle strap heels for date night.

Suede T-Shirt Dress

Suede T Shirt Dress - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: makemechic.com

This suede t shirt dress is a must have piece to have for the Fall season. This dress features a velvety suede material and cute side slits. Follow the big trend on suede and pair with thigh high lace up boots. You’ll get an overflowing amount of compliments, you’ll be stuck between a thank you and I know reply ’cause you know your Fall ensemble is point.



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Fly High with Thigh High Boots 2015

Thigh high boots for women are notoriously known for their sex appeal which is why it is understandable that it could be quite intimidating to even try this style of boot but when done correctly, this look can have incredible pay off.  With the months cooling down, here are three ways you can fly high with thigh highs!

Get Tied Up: Lace Up Thigh High Boots

Lace Up Thigh High Boots Outfit -MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit:  Tony Bianco “Ariette” boots, osochic.com

If leather thigh high boots are a tad on the overdone side for you, and you are just waiting to dive into your next fashion expedition- lace up thigh high boots are calling your name. Although the boot length is already sexy enough, and the lace up design amplifies the sultry vibe even more- believe it or not, there is a way to tame and balance this look down! The secret lies in wearing a fuller bottom silhouette. A circle skirt or a fuller figured dress would definitely do the trick!

Boxy Yet Foxy: Oversized Tops

Boxy Top With Thigh High Boots - MakeMeChic.Com

Photo Credit: Style Du Monde

Under usual circumstances, recommending a boxy top for a sexy outfit sounds strange- but trust us, a boxy top will do nothing but balance out your outfit and let your suede thigh high boots do all the talking!  To pull this look off, opt for a chunky knit sweater in neutral tones. The idea behind this look is that less is definitely more. Neutrals allow for more room to stack on those fall time favorite accessories. To ensure that you don’t feel like you are a walking potato sack, you can definitely pair skin tight thigh high boots with body con skirts for women, dark skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, or just plain old tights! Wearing bottoms and thigh highs that are the same color will create an illusion of insanely long legs!

Caught in the Trenches: Trench Coats with Thigh High Boots

Trench Coat With Thigh High Boots - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: Stockholm-streetstyle.com

One of the hottest trends of the season has definitely got to be the trench coat! This classic style has made a huge comeback with a few modern modifications making it a refreshing component of trendy women’s outerwear. Of course there is always the classic khaki trench but with unpredictable weather, a cardigan meets trench fusion might be exactly what you need. The light material makes an optimal daytime option when thinking about wearing thigh highs. However, though light, the length still provides enough coverage for a night time look. With the same idea in mind behind the boxy top outfit, this outfit is all about balance! The length of an oversized trench coat allows for you to get away with short shorts, a mini skirt or even a skort!

Style tip: Keep hair and makeup minimal to keep the spotlight on your uber cute boots! Try air dried hair with a bit of texturizing spray to get a beachy feel  or even wave enhancing mousse for our straight haired girls!


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How To: Style Your Fall Ponchos and Capes

Ponchos and capes are trending big for Fall 2015 outerwear, so let’s get stylin’! We’ll take you through casual work day outfits and dressy dinner party ponchos and capes. Let’s take a look at what we can mix and match to create effortless Fall outfits.

Casual Print Ponchos and Capes

Print Ponchos - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: makemechic.com

Dress up in trendy printed ponchos and capes this Fall. A tribal print poncho paired with a suede t-shirt dress and knee high boots is the perfect date night outfit. Look cute and feel comfortable on your movie drive-in at the park with your sweetheart. Instead of grabbing your typical plain cardigan on your way out to work, wear a classic plaid poncho paired with a trendy burgundy heel. Looking fabulous will keep you feeling refreshed, energized and bring the weekend a little closer.

Modern Turtleneck Ponchos and Capes

Turtleneck Ponchos - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: thebestfashionblog.com

Turtleneck ponchos and capes are modern and definitely can be worn to work and after work for drinks with the coworkers! We’re loving the high low cape that features a playful geometric print and a flirty tassel bottom hem. This oversized silhouette can be paired with simple skinnies or a sleek halter dress.

 Luxe Fur Cape

Fur Cape - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: thebestfashionblog.com

Turning the glam level up 100! Attend your next formal party feeling confident in a luxe fur cape. It can be paired with a fit and flare dress, stacked rings and bracelets to create a elegant and sophisticated look. Ponchos and capes can go from casual to dressy by finding the right texture and fitted silhouette.

Ponchos and capes are must have essentials for a chilly Fall! They’ll keep you cozy while keeping you fashionably chic!

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Name This Dress Contest! – Win $50

Get Creative With Us & Enter To Win $50 to spend at MakeMeChic.com!

Name This Dress Contest - MakeMeChic.com

How to enter:

1. Give this fun dress a unique name!

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3. Check our Facebook page on September 17th to see if your name was selected.

Multiple are entries welcomed & encouraged to increase your chances of winning. Comments will be HIDDEN to keep others from copying your answer!

Contest rules : Contest officially ends on Tuesday, September 15th, 11:59PM PST. Winners will be announced via FACEBOOK on Thursday,  September 17th 2015. Only qualifying entries posted to this blog post will be considered. Comments left on any of our other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do not qualify for the prize. Multiple entries welcomed. 

* The Prize is only the $50 gift card, and does not include the item being named.
* Winners are responsible for shipping fees or taxes applied to items shipped internationally

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Weekend Wedge Boots: How To Style Guide

You want to be fashion forward but you also want to be comfortable. You can’t have both- but wait- what if you can? Wedges for women are your answer! More particularly, wedge boots for the fall season.  Not only are they practical, but are effortlessly cool. Easy to style but also stand out pieces on their own, no wonder they are a crowd favorite every fall season.

Friday: Upscale Casual

Wedge Boots Outfit - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: wendyslookbook.com

It’s Friday afternoon and the weekend is just a couple hours away. You could taste the freedom. You’ve got a pile of blankets, a new Netflix series you’ve been dying to watch and a bottle of wine calling your name. Your phone buzzes and it’s a text message from your best friend – “You won’t believe who scored tickets to Taylor Swift’s rooftop party tonight?! And YOU are coming as my plus one!” But you’ve got a dilemma- you’ve got nothing to wear and it’s freezing out. But a rooftop party? You can’t pass that up! What’s your solution? The newest women’s outerwear of course.  Trench coats for women would go seamlessly with knee high wedge boots for the fall season. To make this look even more sophisticated, opt for a monochromatic palette as it will allow your boots to take center stage. Tucking in your jeggings or skinny jeans into your wedge boots will create a sleek and dressed up look. Now that you got your fancy casual on, there’s nothing stopping you from partying the night away with Tay!

Saturday: Cozy Chic

Knee High Wedge Boots - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: bezdushna.blogspot.com

You’ve got your semi-adult Saturday routine down- you wake up early, get your yoga on, keep your hair out of your face with the super on trend- mini top knot and then head to the local farmer’s market to gather up your necessary produce for the week.  You know very well how fast time flies when you’re browsing and chatting it up with the local vendors. Before you know it, the cool 9am weather turns into warmer noon weather. For this reason, you choose to pair your trendy knee high boots with a comfy pair of shorts and your cozy chunky knit sweater.

Sunday: Date Night

Date Night Outfit _MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: watchoutladies.net

Sunday rolls around and you know what that means! It’s your weekly date night with your significant other. The weather has also warmed up a bit so you know you can get away with showing off a little more. For those days that aren’t blizzard cold, wedge ankle booties are a great option. Instead of wearing a full length boot, opt for booties with tights. Perfect for an autumn date to the movies or to the pumpkin patch, wear your booties with a circle skirt with a tucked in turtleneck.

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DIY: Fall Accessories

Hello, fellow D.I.Y-ers! Get ready to revamp old materials and clothes into new charming fall accessories. Here are some DIY Fall accessories ideas to inspire you on what to create Fall outfits.

Scalloped Boot Cuffs

DIY Scalloped Boot Cuffs - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: autumn berry crochet

Can Fall boots get any cuter? Yes, they can! These scalloped boot cuffs will perfectly pair with all your boots and it looks great with skirts and skinny jeans. It’ll give a sweet and cozy vibe to your outfit. This crochet pattern made of acrylic yarn is worked in repetitive rows and is adjustable to a small or large cuff to your liking. One of many fall accessories that you must try.

Recreate Fall Clutch 

DIY Fall Clutch - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: ineverycolor.com

This sunglasses case gets to be reborn into one of Fall accessories, a golden insect clutch! Take a sunglasses case that you no longer use and transform it by spraying or painting a shimmering metallic paint. Use a strong glue that will hold your fancy pin of choice for the center opening of your sunglasses case. The specks from this newly clutch will look stunning against your olive, burgundy, rust Fall apparel.

Stamp It Scarf

DIY Stamp Scarf

Photo Credit: adventures-in-making.com

We are going to be seeing a lot of scarves for our upcoming chilly season. Fall accessories are great gifts to your fellow fashionista especially when it’s made with love! Take a carving block or an eraser and carve the shape you desire. Stamp on your scarf as little or as much as you please. Printed scarfs adds an element of playfulness and creates an instant cute factor to your look.


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Comeback Season: Vintage 70s Prints

70s Prints Runway- MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: thesetonian.com

It’s comeback season- and the 70s trend is in the lead! It is very well known that the 70s are back with a full vengeance. Silhouettes like flared bottoms, and textures like our favorite- suede have made a huge comeback in 2015! But what we haven’t heard enough of are 70s prints! They’ve subtly crept into the fashion scene but have made a huge splash. If you are looking for trendy clothes for women, patterns are a great place to start! Nothing says trendsetter more than bold and daring patterns! Even if bold and daring isn’t your thing, the subtle flower child patterns of the 70s could be your cup of tea. Here we present to you- the How To Style Guide of Wearing Vintage Patterns!

Bold and Daring

70s Psychedelic Prints- MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit:http://solansolan.blogg.se/ (House of Holland Spring/Summer 2015)

The psychedelic patterns of the 70s didn’t emerge out of nowhere! Here is a quick little rundown on one of the most iconic patterns to date! This favorite trend was not only an artistic reflection of the changing culture at the time but a way to rebel against consumerism. The unconventional intense color palette and abstract patterns were ways in which people of the time were able to make a statement and voice their opinions on politics and the ever changing culture. For our adventurous fashionistas, who are not afraid of brights and flashy patterns, rock the 70s trend wearing nothing other than psychedelic printed dresses! Balance out the look with white leatherette platform sandals.

Feminine Subtlety

70s Floral Prints-MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: www.kapmodelleri.com (Michael Kors Spring 2015)

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the soft florals of the 70s. This look is so easy to recreate as the gentle colors of the palette almost act as a neutral. So with this trend, anything pretty much goes! Retro floral prints were usually paired with head scarves, groovy shades but today, you can throw in some modern pieces to contrast this nostalgic look and really make it your own! For instance, pair your florals with grunge inspired platform shoes for an edgy meets retro ensemble. Alternatively, go for a western inspired vibe by pairing your feminine frock with boho fringe boots for a bohemian yet girly attire.

Carefree Spirit

70s Paisley Print-MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: wannabemagazine.com (Lara Stone Vogue Paris)

To truly embody the carefree spirit of the 70s, opt for paisley or tribal prints! The new attraction to exotic and foreign influences brought the paisley print into popularity. With its’ historical musical ties to rock n’ roll this print is perfect for those who are wild and free! Get your print on with loose paisley palazzo pants and a fitted crop top. Alternatively, if paisley is not your thing, go for the more versatile tribal-geometric patterns! This was all the rage in the 70s as previously mentioned due to the fascination with exotic and foreign culture. If you’re wondering how to add a fresh twist to tribal prints, pair your tribal inspired look with d’orsay flats. The lace up detailing and sleek pointed silhouette adds a subtle sexiness to your vintage vibe!

70s Tribal Prints- MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: michiganfashionweek.files.wordpress.com (Anna Sui 2011)

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Color Series: Jewel Tones

As we say good-bye to Summer, we’re excited to welcome new styles Fall has to offer. Quite often, Fall’s color palette consists of many neutral tones, so therefore Fall presents a fresh new palette of vibrant jewel tones! It gives your whole ensemble a pop of color that it’s thirsting for! Here are a few inspirations for jewel tones!

1. Jewel Tone Skirt

Jewel Tone Midi Skirt - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: fastfoodandfastfashion.com, makemechic.com

We love how this stunning a-line pleated skirt is the star of this amazing Fall look. This pleated midi skirt is great to carry into the Fall because it looks great paired with Summer crop tops or Fall’s cozy sweaters and trench coats. Add magenta’s complementary color green to your bag or shoes for a playful jewel tone outfit. Get the same rich color taffeta skirt, but for an affordable price that will bring joy to you and your wallet.

2. Jewel Tone Dress

Jewel Tone Dress - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: intimateweddings.com

Fall weddings call for jewel tone dresses that bring vibrant, happy energy to the party! If your whole dress is saturated in green, add a hint of it’s complementary or contrasting hue. Here, she is wearing a lighter shade of green for her belt, it’s subtle, but it makes a huge difference.

3. Stunning Royal Blue Jumpsuit

Jewel Tones Jumpsuit - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: makemechic.com

Jump into a stunning jewel tone blue jumpsuit for a luxurious, fresh look! Love the subtle hints of glamour she added like her shimmering gold statement necklace and let’s not let her firey red hair go unnoticed. They all compliment her outfit beautifully. This desirable zip up jumpsuit is a must have, create your own jewel tone Fall look.

Be careful not to overwhelm the room with jewel tones, keep jewel tones to a minimum of one or two colors. You want to stay elegant and classy, not tacky. Am I right, ladies? Create your distinctive Fall look with beautiful, rich jewel tones this season.

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Complete The Look – Match & Win

MakeMeChic Complete The Look Contest!

Finish off this vintage bohemian look by finding the perfect shoes on MakeMeChic.com to match. How would you complete this OOTD?

Complete The Look Contest - MakeMeChic.com


How to Enter:

1. Find shoes on MakeMeChic.com that will match and complete this outfit.

2. Paste the link(s) in the comments section.

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Contest rules : You have until Wednesday, September 2nd, 11:59PM to enter. Please leave a valid email address. A winner will be chosen on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015. We will announce our winner via FACEBOOK. After the winner is chosen, he or she will have 5 days to claim the prize. Please note that only correct entries posted to this blog post will be considered. Comments left on any of our other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do not qualify for the prize. Open to U.S. participants only.

*Prize is a $50 gift code for use on MakeMeChic.com only. 

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How To: Transition From Summer To Fall

If you’re not ready to say good bye to your favorite summer pieces, don’t fret, you just might not have to! We’ll guide you on choosing items that are versatile to pair with your Fall outfits. Besides, who wants to break the bank and purchase a whole new fall wardrobe? Here are some helpful tips on how to go from summer to fall with just a few simple swap-a-roo’s!

Sheer Longline Kimono

Fall Kimono - MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: makemechic.com

Keep that gorgeous floral crochet kimono! It’s a great summer to fall transition piece that can be easily become a stunning Fall outfit. Switch out your distressed denim shorts and reach for longer pants and pair with some cute booties. For a romantic date night, pair this kimono with a high neck dress with lace up wedges.

 Suede Utility Jacket

Suede Utility Jacket - MakeMeChic.com
Photo Credit: makemechic.com

Summer’s heat is coming to an end and we’re moving into Fall’s crisp air. It’s not quite cold just yet, so good news for you, crop tops are definitely still wearable. Pair them with a cute vegan suede utility jacket and flirty ankle strap heels. No need to think long and hard when you have cute outerwear, it just pulls the whole outfit together effortlessly. Get creative with your Summer to Fall transition, it doesn’t have to be a drag.

 Classic Trench Coat

Plaid Trench Coat- MakeMeChic.com

Photo Credit: makemechic.com

Trench coats are hands down classic outerwear that we see time and time again. An effortless stylish trench coat is a great summer to fall transition piece because it can be paired with your side slit tank dresses, distressed denim shorts, or left slightly open to show off your sexy lace top, the choices are endless!

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