Playing up the Skater Dress

If there’s one closet staple that you need, it’s definitely the skater dress. But what exactly makes it such a good staple? What makes anything a great necessity in any closet, be it big or small? This type of dress can be styled any way you want to. You can dress it down with some sneakers or dress it up for a night out with some statement jewelry and killer heels! The skater dress might be simple but it is definitely flattering!

Check out some different ways to style this dress to fit the event or to fit your mood!

Cold Weather

skater dress and cardigan

While a skater dress hemline may be rather short, it’s still easy to keep warm with your favorite pair of stockings or tights! If you keep your skater dress pretty form fitting, and layer with a form fitting cardigan, you can keep the overall look from getting too frumpy. Here is just the right amount of casual that just says snow bunny!

Denim Dreamin’

Denim with skater dressDenim might seem casual, but with a sharp looking denim jacket, it can really give a skater dress quite an edgy look!

Less Is More!

Heels and skater dress

For those days that don’t seem too chilly, keep it simple! This classic looks great on its own, and these heels really add a touch of glitz!

Leatherette & Flannelskater dress with flannel

A skater dress is a lovely, trendy look, having it in leather (or leatherette) material really adds an edgy factor to it all! While it makes for a great night look, it might be a little out of place during the day, you can make it much more casual by just tying a flannel shirt around your waist!


Dress It Up!

dressed up skater dress

The skater dress is very easy to dress up! Because it contains such simple shapes, you can add any type of texture and the dress will still complement. Flashy belt? Netted mesh? Wild hair? It all fits together!

Skater dress and lug sole heels

And of course, the skater dress by itself looks pretty damn amazing.

Name This Set Blog Contest

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Time to bring out the creative thinking hat, and help us name this set!

We’re seriously stumped on what to call this delicious crop top & skirt set. So how do you play to enter?

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The Perfect New Year’s Outfit!

As the holidays approaches, and after you finish the holiday shopping, you realize, you don’t know what to wear to the New Year’s Eve Party! Whether it’s to your company’s, family’s, or significant other’s holiday party, either way, you want to have the perfect New Year’s outfit. Take a look at a few ideas of what to wear and how to wear it!

Silky Culottessilk culottes outfit

If all you have in your arsenal are silky culottes, than you’re in good hands. Silk adds a really nice flair to any look, and culottes are so hot this year, that all you really have to do is dress it up with heels! 

Statement NecklaceStatement necklace outfit

Perhaps the Little Black Dress might be not as festive as you would like for a New Year’s party. After all, you want to show a little holiday spirit and cheer! It is very easy to dress up any little black dress with some statement necklaces and top it off with an accent jacket!

Accessories Fun!accessories outfit

The perfect holiday outfit would not be a holiday without some shimmer and shine. Don’t forget to accessorize with midi rings, statement bracelets, and a cute little clutch!

Lace Crop Top & Midi SetLace crop top midi set

A while back we had written about crop tops & midi skirt sets, and how perfectly awesome they are. For the holiday outfit, try and grab one with lace to really add an adult essence to it.

The Little Black Lace Dresslace mini dress

Where can you go wrong with this little number? It has the detailing for something of an upscale event, and also gives you the space to show off those legs you worked out all summer for. ;)

Together In Parisfrench girl inspired outfit

This outfit is downright elegant. It has style and grace, and is the perfect combination of texture. Lash & mesh are always a perfect combination, and the strapless top really knows how to bare all the best parts!

Sequin Dress sequin party dress

You can’t go wrong with a sequin dress for the holidays! This is a chance to really shine and play with any color you like! Sequins and holidays go together hand and hand, and it’s definitely meant to be looked at and adored. Go for a mini sequin dress and fun pattern if you’re going for a night out on the town!

Festive Guide: What to Wear For the Holidays

Festive Guide: What to Wear For the Holidays

The holidays are just a few weeks away and that means a ton of shopping, planning and prepping for the greatest time of the year. Whether you are attending a family gathering or celebrating with some of your friends, you’ll need new clothing to assemble a killer outfit. We know that your calendar is pretty packed with activities, so our team at Makemechic has made it simple by compiling a few festive outfit ideas for your holiday party! So, read on for some styling tips and ideas that will make you shine this season.

Lovely in Lace

Holiday Lace Dress


Show your festive spirit by donning a lovely lace dress in red. The bold color will definitely make you stand out; plus you’ll look feminine and sexy at the same time! Lace is a great way to play around with textures without revealing too much skin. Try a lace bodycon dress for a figure-hugging and sexy look, or go with a lace maxi dress for a more elegant vibe. Pair your dress with some metallic high heels and pearl earrings to achieve a beautiful and timeless look. Don’t forget to throw on a warm coat to beat the chill!

Time to Sparkle

Holiday Sequin Outfits

Credit: kisforkani

Don’t be afraid to try out something sparkly; this season is the best time to experiment with glitter and sequins! They add a touch of glamour to any holiday dress and perfectly complement the lights and merry spirit of this season’s festivities. Incorporating this shimmering piece to your outfit can be a little tricky, so make sure not to overdo it. If you want to add a sparkling accent to a simple dress, try out a glitter clutch or a sequined blazer. This will give you a festive touch by adding something unique to your outfit. If you are feeling a bit bolder, try wearing a sequin or glitter dress. A sparkling dress is perfect for the holidays because it is glamorous, festive and fun! Your dress will make a big statement so make sure to keep the rest of your outfit neutral so the look is not overwhelming.

Exude holiday cheer with outfits that will make jaws drop! Dresses with varying textures such as lace, sequins or glitter are perfect for your holiday soiree.  Browse our collection of women’s dresses for the latest and greatest this season. Happy shopping ladies!

Hide & Seek MakeMeChic Blog Contest!

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Do You Like What You See??

We know we do! This week’s contest is Hide & Seek! To celebrate the release of our new LookBook video, we’re

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Varsity V-Neck Knit Sweater

Tis the season for knit sweaters! But I’m not just talking about cable-knit-classic-old-school knit sweaters, but these new cut, and flattering knit sweaters! Golf, Varsity, and Polo inspired sweaters, they’re certainly something my grandmother wouldn’t wear. Check out the different ways to style the v-neck knit sweater.

v neck sweater layered with coat

Layer it under a fabulous faux fur coat, and really mix up the textures with detail accents such as the varsity striped lines and cheetah print heels!

v neck sweater dress

Sweater dresses make for a complete look, and for cold chilly days, over the knee or thigh high boots can keep everything quite toasty! The modern plunging neckline really does give a lot of skin to show off. It’s a great time to show off your lovely neckline, your collarbones, perhaps some cleavage (to each her own!). It is also a great opportunity to wear a statement necklace. Bibs & collar choker necklaces are great for plunging necklines!

v neck sweater with jacket

Keepin’ it old school! This vintage look throws it back to somewhat hippie dippie boho chic days. From Chuck taylors to a vintage leather jacket, this look is downright sweet.

v neck sweater dress

Sporty Chic! The v neck knit sweater dress can be sexy and sporty. As all short dresses, it is a great reason to wear with thigh high socks, and the overall knit look really gives more of a “feel” to a look than anything else! This dress is also very easy to make more feminine chic just by switching out the shoes from sneakers to flats!

Lazy Sunday Look

Lazy Sunday Look: Effortless Fashion for the Weekend

So you’re sitting on the couch with your hair undone, sans make-up, flipping through the channels to find a show to watch and relishing the feel of fuzzy slippers on your feet as you drink your morning coffee. You have to admit that all of us like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and just take a moment to relax once in a while. One of the key factors in relaxing is what you choose to wear to give you that sense of respite. While we want to feel a sense of serenity, we also want to keep up with the latest women’s apparel. I like to dub this the “effortless lazy Sunday look”. Here are a few style suggestions to stay comfortable over the weekend without sacrificing your style.

Oversized Sweaters

Casual Fall Outfits

Credit: Sivanayla

Oversized sweaters are a woman’s best friend on these lazy days. Who doesn’t love feeling cozy and comfortable on a chilly day? The key is to choose a slightly oversized sweater with the hem reaching right below your bottom at most. Any longer and you’ll look like you are swimming in your sweater. For a slightly more put together feel, choose a sweater with an interesting knit pattern, which will give your outfit texture. Make sure the sleeves are not too loose or long—they should reach your wrists or be a few inches longer. Pair your oversized sweater with simple tights or your favorite pair of jeans for a laid-back and simply chic look.


How to wear poncho

Ponchos are a trend that always comes back in style. This season, ponchos have a multitude of unique patterns, including ones with fringe or tribal accents. We love ponchos because they are great layering pieces that you can wear over a plain top to add a cool twist. These draped pieces are soft and oversized, giving you maximum comfort and warmth. For tips on ways to wear this winter must-have, check out our ponchos blog here.

Jogger Pants

Casual Joggers

Credit: stylescrapbook

One trend that has grown on me lately is the jogger pant. It is a revamped version of sweats that can be worn both in the house and outside. This cool, street-style is both comfortable and flattering because the hem reaches the ankle and is skinny. Just like the oversized sweater, joggers should not be too baggy; otherwise you may begin to look sloppy. When joggers are paired with high heels, you will look put-together because of the added height and feminine silhouette this creates. But they can also be worn with flats or sneakers and still look amazing.

Keep yourself looking stylish on those lazy days with these essential pieces. A must-have for every woman’s closet, these items will make that fashion statement without using too much time; and the best part is you will feel comfortable in them! What will you wear on your next lazy Sunday?

Sock it to Me! The Ankle Boots Edition

Don’t let the cold slip on by without the chance of trying this sock and ankle boots combination out! Layering can work throughout your legs, and complement your entire look. This is a simple trick that’ll draw attention from head to toe, and why not? Keeping your toes warm is an extra bonus!

Playing Dress Up

lace dress and ankle bootsgirly dress and ankle bootsfloral skirt with ankle bootstights socks and ankle boots

 Wearings tights and socks is an entirely feminine touch to any look. And the fun part is the sheerness of the tights! Because people can still see a bit of your skin under, it contrasts very well with solid colored socks. It’s also a perfect match to mix the smooth texture of tights with something a little more crazy fun…for example, a frilly lace dress, a pleated skirt, or just anything really! It ends up complementing each other because they’re not competing for attention, but if anything, making the other texture stand out on its own.

knit sweater jeans and ankle boots

This is a perfectly cozy look. All of the attention is on the statement sweater, and to continue the look but not compete with it, she added the white socks with beige boots! These neutral colors support the statement piece and makes for an overall pleasing look.

rainy day ankle boots

Rainy days can only get warmer with tights, socks, and ankle booties. That extra heel height really does help with puddles. shorts tights socks boots

You don’t have to hide away the shorts just because it’s colder. Pairing it with tights and socks gives you that warmth that pants would have given you anyways, and the ankle boots are perfect fall dress and ankle boots

And on days you feel like dressing up…socks and ankle booties work perfectly for a night out on the town! This knit dress features lace patches, and by pairing it with a pair of gray socks might make for a more casual look…except any time lace and leather are found together in an outfit, it fives off a more edgy look, definitely taking it a few dance steps away from just casual!

Pastel Perfection – Outfit Ideas!

We used to think pastel colors were meant only for spring and summer. But this year, pastels are hitting the pavement running, making its debut on the tails of trench coats and adorable blazers! But how do you complement a pastel color palette and still pay tribute to winter winds? The secret is layers, lots and lots of layers! You can definitely keep a cheery disposition without rushing past winter/fall just by layering. Take a look at some of these examples!

pastel outfit

Vintage Vibe

Even though pastels have a “soft” look to it, there is a possibility of the colors clashing (basically competing for attention). And unless done in moderation, having competing colors makes for a harsh look. Here we have a great example of bright pastel and soft undertones. If you’re going to have a bright statement piece, you can counterbalance it with a big piece of white (namely a jacket, or even pants).pastel blue coat outfit

Houndstooth & Pastel

Because houndstooth is a very eye catching pattern, pastel colors make for a great complement right next to it. Pastels make for a subtle contrast and instead of competing to be absolutely eye catching, it complements the houndstooth, taking away what might be a harsh effect.

pastel pink coat outfit

 Keeping it Casual Pastel

Pastel does not mean it has to be a girly look. By adding black, you’re in fact making the pastel pop! Top off with a pair of sneakers, and all of a sudden, you have a very casual outfit that didn’t look like you just slapped together.

pastel mint green coat outfit

Feeling the Pastel

The picture above and below show two for instances of textures and pastel. Because pastel is such a soft look by itself, you can actually a lot of texture to your look and still not have it be overwhelming. Mix up some lace, cotton, knit tops, and chiffon, and it would all mix relatively well together!

Pastel Pink Florals outfit

Make It Pop!

Make your pastels really pop! Here you see four different shades of color (blue inner sweater, purple coat, peach purse, and adorable pink shoes!), and it makes for an overall lovely look. Pastel is a great excuse to really stand out, and if you want to keep it a light and feminine look, go with white accents (as opposed to black). Pastels are a great way to play with colors!

pastel purple jacket outfit

MakeMeChic Bohemian Daydreams LookBook

MakeMeChic LookBook November 2014

If you’re looking for some new ideas to try out with your wardrobe, search no further! MakeMeChic’s LookBook is filled with some spectacular outfit ideas, and we’d love nothing more than to share it with you.


a stone most noted for its rich iridescence.

fur jacket denim outfitFur coat denim outfit look

This is a great season to really play up your whites and pastels! Having an overall bright look can still be accented by dark accessories, if anything, it’ll really make the pastel pop!

pastel coat and heels outfit

perfect pastel jacket look

Urban Gypsy

Not your old age Esmeralda, but the ever stunning, bourgeois Charelle. Really pick a color, and play with all of its shades. To create a truly dramatic look, contrast with black!

boho chic outfit lookBoho Chic Fedora Outfit

Baring your midriff has become a typical norm, but on those chilly nights, a lovely tri-colored faux fur coat will keep the temperature rising.

fur coat and lace braletteurban fur coat

Deja Vu

We’ve all seen lace before, but not quite like this. While we once might have seen lace as something girly and frilly, this lace today is hard hitting sexy. lace heels and dress lookbook

Floral lace dress look book

Enchanting Brocade

head wrap boho chic look

Sexy Lace Maxi Dress