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* The Prize is only the $50 gift card, and does not include the item being named.
* Winners are responsible for shipping fees or taxes applied to items shipped internationally

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Military Minute: Military Color Palette 2015

Ten-hut! From the runways to affordable women’s outerwear, the military trend is taking over 2015! Everyone knows that camo print is synonymous with military inspired clothing. However if you’d prefer to take a more subtle approach to take on this trend into your casual street wear- the secret lies in using a military color palette! Think- olive, khaki, leather accents, etc. The subdued nature of this palette makes it ultra convenient and compatible with other statement items thus opening up the door for endless looks!

Feminine Military Fashion

For a feminine take on the military trend, try pairing your outerwear with a mini hemline to show off more skin! Pair with your favorite pointed-toe pumps for the ultimate cosmo girl meets rough and tumble look. Not to mention, the pumps and mini skirt combo will elongate your legs, making them look fabulous! As for your top, soften up this look by pairing the look with textures such as lace or silk. These ladylike fabrics will balance the structured cut of military outerwear. Top off your outfit with dainty accessories such as a skinny belt, or metallic jewelry for that perfect put-together touch.

Feminine Military Inspired Look -


Photo Credit:

Edgy Military Look

If you want to try pairing this trend with other types of trendy women’s shoes, opt for lace up boots! Boots and military inspired fashion are a no brainer combination as it is the obvious choice in terms of authenticity. Not to mention that it is an easy go to when all you want to be is comfortable! You can definitely dress up this ensemble or keep your outfit easy and casual! Opt for lace up heel boots with a heel for an elevated take on the military trend. Paired with a formfitting olive or khaki dress, beret hat and red lips- you’ll be the epitome of military vintage chic!

Edgy Military Outfit -

Photo Credit:

Relaxed Military Look

When the structured, clean cut, and rigid style of the military trend meets relaxed, vacation and easy silhouettes of resort and vacation wear, it creates magic. It is no wonder that celebrities can often be found going for this combination on the daily! Whether they are on their way to the airport or going a quick green juice run, this look manages to keep them casual, chic, and of course comfortable. You too can achieve this look! So next time you’re looking for fashionable women’s clothing, keep an eye out for loose military inspired harem pants. Paired with a clean cut blazer and a shiny wrist watch- it’s hard to say that your look is not military medal worthy!Relaxed Military Inspired Outfit-

Photo Credit:

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Celebrity Shoes For Less

Your eyes widen, jaw drops, you get weak in the knees when you see a bright gleaming light coming from a celebrity’s shoe closet. That shoe heaven may be untouchable, but we’ll make that dream come a little closer by showing you celebrity shoes looks for less!

Cut It Out Lace Up Heels

Cutout Heels -
Photo Credit:,,

A little glimpse of Kylie Jenner’s shoe closet and oh my goodness, we already want every pair she owns! We’re loving those trendy lace up heels that she’s wearing! Get the same trendy lace up look, but fabulous shoes for less.

Red Carpet Pointed Toe Pumps

Patent Leather Pumps -

Photo Credit:,,

Kerry Washington is outshining the crowd wearing a shimmering dress paired with classic pointed toe pumps. Get the red carpet look with celebrity inspired shoes for less like these amazing pointed toe patent leather pumps.

Faux Suede Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle Strap Heels -

Photo Credit:,,

Rachel McAdams is walking fierce in those ankle strap heels. We’ve picked out shoes for less, but kept the same gorgeous style. These beautiful burgundy ankle strap heels are a popular Fall fashion color, so don’t miss out!


Hope you’re inspired by our recreation of celebrity shoes for you to dress up like a star for your next event without making your wallet cry. Party on, fashion shoe-heads!

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Dress Up with Lace Up

What trend is playful, alluring, and feminine all at once? The lace up trend, of course! Lace up has been seen on almost all articles of clothing such as peasant tops, corset dresses and even on affordable women’s shoes! Spotted on both the runways and on celebrities, you too can get in on the trend. With so many options, the sky’s the limit.

Lace Up Tops

Lace up tops are not only the perfect boho chic go to but are also surprisingly sexy! Kim Kardashian knows this trend all too well as she has been spotted in lace up heels, lace up bodices, dresses, etc. She is the queen of lace up! If a front lace up top like Kim K is a bit too risqué for your taste, there is definitely a lot more where that came from! Opt for a lace up back if too much cleavage is what worries you. Paired with sleek hair and dramatic makeup, you cannot lose with this look!

Lace Up Top-


Photo Credit:

Lace Up Dresses

If you’re feeling bold and are a fan of daring dresses such as Gwenyth Paltrow, lace up dresses might just be for you! Rocking a lace up dress would most definitely be taking this trend up a notch but if you want to add more fuel to the fire, pair your strappy dress with your favorite stilettos! Alternatively, if you’re going for a more laid back peasant inspired lace up dress, try pairing this easygoing look with flat knee high boots with lace over the knee high socks or for the hotter days, knee high gladiator sandals!

Lace Up Dress- MakeMeChic

Photo Credit:

Lace Up Shoes

Last but not least, if you want to sneak in the lace up trend with many different outfits this season, go with none other than lace up heels! As seen on numerous celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo! With these heels, the possibilities are endless. For a casual yet modern look, go for a bright heel and pair them with your favorite jeans, a roll up blouse, and a messenger or cross body bag, and you’ve easily got yourself a chic yet casual ensemble. Nothing says “calm, cool, collected” better than this classic outfit! Alternatively, for a feminine and polished look, opt for a full midi skirt with a short sleeve blouse tucked in. Topped off with a clutch and a few metallic accents, you’ll feel like you’re strolling along the streets of Milan during fashion week! Next time you’re browsing through trendy women’s clothing, remember that you cannot go wrong with lace up shoes!

Red LaceUp Heels - MakeMeChic

Photo Credit:


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Recreate Celebrity’s Evening Wear For Less

You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like a rock star. We recreated a few of our favorite evening wear worn by celebrities, but for less!

Sleek High Slit Dress 

High Slit Dress -
Photo Credit:,

Ciara (left) is wearing a sexy high slit maxi dress. You can recreate this superstar look for less with a fabulous high slit maxi dress with a sexy plunging neckline. Add on accessories to elevate your evening wear attire.

Cut It Out Dress

Cut Out Dress -

Photo Credit:,

This evening wear worn by Christen Press (left) has a cool edgy, sophisticated vibe. We recreated her look by choosing a cutout dress that is sleeveless and open back for a sexier look.

Sheer Lace Beauty

Lace Dress -

Photo Credit:,

This stunning look that Alex Morgan (left) is wearing is simply beautiful. We recreated this evening wear look with a sheer lace tiered dress paired with metallic t-strap sandals so you can shine all night long.

There you have it, recreated evening wear worn by celebrities for less, but equally glamorous. Be the star of your next night event with these stunning evening wear looks.

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Kitsch Bags

Embrace the Kitsch trend ’cause it’s still going on strong. The Kitsch trend has big personality! It’s flashy, bold and exaggerated fashion you’ll definitely have fun with. We have highlighted some of our favorite Kitsch bags.

Drink On the Go Bag

Kitsch Soda Bags -

Photo Credit:,

Thirsty for something cool? Refresh the eyes and play with color and logos with the Kitsch trend. If a soda clutch or unicorn tears crossbody bag doesn’t put some spunk into your outfit, then we don’t know what will!

Moto Jacket Backpack

Kitsch Moto Jacket Backpacket -

Photo Credit:,

Hey, here’s a quirky way of wearing your moto jacket, wear it as a bag! I can’t guarantee that it will keep you warm, but it’ll definitely still bring that edge to your outfits.

Loud Lips

Kitsch Oversized Lips Bags -

Photo Credit:,,

These lips are doing all the talking and they’re saying to take a risk and try a Kitsch lips bag! These oversized lips are wild and a great accessory to your big personality.

Everyday we choose to stay safe with our classic shape and neutral color bags. Just live a little and strut around a Kitsch bag. We absolutely love funky Kitsch bags, it’s eye catching for sure.

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Multi Way or the Highway: Multi Way Jumpsuits

Some days we want to channel our inner Grecian goddess, some days we feel like simple elegance is the way to go. Ladies are notorious for being fickle minded but now you don’t have to worry about making definitive decisions because the multi way jumpsuit has come to save the day!

Halter Heat

Multi Way Halter Jumpsuit -


Wear it as a halter to show off those shoulders for the summer! Not only will your shoulders get some attention but a halter neckline will also accentuate your back!

Photo Credit:

One Strap Stop

One Strap Jumpsuit -

Or perhaps you’re more of a one strap gal? The wrap jumpsuit can also transform into this effortless toga inspired look.

Photo Credit:

Sexy Back

Cross Back Multi Wrap Jumpsuit

Photo Credit:

And of course, an all time favorite for many girls is the cross back design. Surprise! The wrap jumpsuit can also do this.

These are just the few of endless possibilities with the wrap jumpsuit! So go on, choose your style, or choose all. As Cady Heron would say, the limit does not exist.

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Revamp An Old Shirt

Have an old shirt that you no longer wear? You can revamp your old shirt into your new favorite shirt! Here are a few simple, quick techniques we’ve picked out to create new looks with materials you may already have around the house.

Bleach Creation

DIY Bleach Top- MakeMeChic

Photo Credit:

You can revamp your top by using a bleach pen to write your favorite quote, band, or even a picture, or whatever it is that you desire. If you don’t have a bleach pen, you can mix bleach and water into a spray bottle. Spray for a cool fading effect, looks awesome on jean shorts! Be careful when using bleach, wear gloves and/or an apron.

Accessorized Racerbacks

DIY Racerback Top- MakeMechic

Photo Credit:

Bringing sexy back with revamped racerback tops. Take your shirt, cut off the sleeves and tie it back with a ribbon, bandana, jewelry, or take your leftover fabric sleeve to wrap it around securely!


Fringe Fun

DIY Fringe Top- MakeMeChic

Photo Credit:

To revamp a plain top to a cute fringe crop top, take your scissors and cut vertically to your desired length. To even out the rough edges, just give the fringes a little tug hug.

You don’t even have to loosen up those purse strings for new looks. Refashioning your old clothes has never been this fun, easy and affordable. Have fun revamping, diy fashionistas!

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Summer Sizzle: Hot Maxi Dresses for 2015

Time and time again, dresses for women have come up as a summer staple. Why? Not only are they so comfortable but are effortlessly chic. Do not feel like dealing with the complication that comes with trying to pair separates? No issue here! With maxi dresses, the decision has been made for you and all you have to come up with are what accessories to pair it with.

Tribal Maxi Dresses -

Photo Credit:

Casual Maxi Dresses -

Photo Credit:

Cute Casual Maxi Dresses

Whether you are going out to lunch with your girl gang or going to an outdoor movie showing with your significant other – maxi dresses for casual wear is totally a thing. For a sunny day out, try wearing maxi dress trend with an asymmetrical maxi dress. This geometric hemline is not only so fashion forward but also fully functional as it let’s your legs breathe a little!

Formal Maxi Dresses -

Photo Credit:

Fashionably Formal Maxi Dresses

Your nieces’ baptism is coming up and you had absolutely no time to shop! What can you do? Whatever you have planned this season, don’t let a little fashion dilemma stop you from being both stylish and comfortable. This is where your good ol’ maxi dress that you’ve relied on time and time again will come to the rescue! Dressed up with a little bling, your look will go from casual to formal wear ready in no time. Style tip-for formal events, opt for maxi dresses that are made of an expensive looking material such as chiffon, or even lace! The material takes up the look a notch and paired with a sleek top knot bun or smooth curls, this look is killer. For more coverage to these formal events, choose a maxi dress with sleeves paired with some cute affordable stiletto heels.

Beach Maxi Dresses-

Photo Credit:

Beach Babe Maxi Dresses Of course no summer vacation is complete without a trip to the beach or lake! With the beach comes with all the little hassles such as that sticky sunscreen feeling, feeling hot, sweaty and getting sand in places where it should not be- you get the picture. Our advice to you, is to hit your nearest mall and look for maxi dresses on sale that have a breathable material. Opt for a dress with an eyelet pattern. This light design keeps you cool by subtly showing off some skin! A maxi dress is also a clever solution to being able to wear your swimsuit underneath and having a no fuss method to changing – (pretty much every girl’s dream! Oh so convenient!) Alternatively, if you have been done with the eyelet design since spring, you can opt for a high-low maxi dress or a maxi dress with a slit. These cute hemlines let a little more air in as it is shorter in the front than a traditional maxi dress. These cute hemlines let a little more air in as it is shorter in the front than a traditional maxi dress. Top off your beach look with a Grecian goddess look! Sun-kissed skin, light fabric flowing in the wind, you are flawless!

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Recreate Celebrity Looks For Less

Don’t have to break the bank to follow the hottest celebrity fashion trends. We created some of the same fabulous styles, but looks for less!

Retro Off Shoulder Top

Off Shoulder Top-

Photo Credit:,

Bringing it back with the off shoulder style. You can never go wrong wearing classic stripes. Pair with a midi skirt or bell bottom pants! Mix and match your favorite retro pieces to create looks for less!

Wild Suede Fringe Skirt

Fringe Suede Skirt-

Photo Credit:,

Long fringes on a suede skirt are so playful and have a lot of movement to them. You’ll find any reason to get up to strut around and dance in this affordable fringe suede shorts. Recreating looks for less can be exciting and fun, don’t you think?

Matching Co-Ords Set

Matching Set-

Photo Credit:,

Follow Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s adorable matching co-ords set! This gorgeous matching co-ords set gives more for less. Pair with t-strap pumps to elevate the look.

Tuxedo Dress

Tuxedo Dress-

Photo Credit:,

Lea Michele is looking sexy wearing a bold tuxedo dress. Get the look with this sleek tuxedo cutout dress! This sexy plunging neckline will look amazing paired with a gold pendant necklace. Look like a star, for less!

 Flower Power Dress

Floral Dress-

Photo Credit:,

This romantic floral dress Candice Accola is wearing is to die for. Get the same sweetheart look for less.  Send out good summer vibes in this vintage floral scalloped dress. Accessorize with lace up pumps to give a little extra sass to your ensemble. Flower power to affordable chic looks!

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