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MakeMeChic LookBook November 2014

If you’re looking for some new ideas to try out with your wardrobe, search no further! MakeMeChic’s LookBook is filled with some spectacular outfit ideas, and we’d love nothing more than to share it with you.


a stone most noted for its rich iridescence.

fur jacket denim outfitFur coat denim outfit look

This is a great season to really play up your whites and pastels! Having an overall bright look can still be accented by dark accessories, if anything, it’ll really make the pastel pop!

pastel coat and heels outfit

perfect pastel jacket look

Urban Gypsy

Not your old age Esmeralda, but the ever stunning, bourgeois Charelle. Really pick a color, and play with all of its shades. To create a truly dramatic look, contrast with black!

boho chic outfit lookBoho Chic Fedora Outfit

Baring your midriff has come a typical norm, but on those chilly nights, a lovely tri-colored faux fur coat will keep the temperature rising.

fur coat and lace braletteurban fur coat

Deja Vu

We’ve all seen lace before, but not quite like this. While we once might have seen lace as something girly and frilly, this lace today is hard hitting sexy. lace heels and dress lookbook

Floral lace dress look book

Enchanting Brocade

head wrap boho chic look

Sexy Lace Maxi Dress

All Sequin’d Out!

sequin treasure banner

As we all get ready for fabulous parties to attend, we try and find the perfect look to make an entrance with! Don’t miss out on this spectacular trend of sequins! It’s an easy way to dress up anything in your outfit, whether it be denim jeans and a basic tshirt, sequins have a way of making the look shine! Check out some of the different ways you can wear sequins! sequin skirt

Sequins As A Skirt

Courtesy of ExtraPetite, this picture is a perfect example of how to create a classy look with a sequin pencil skirt. Keep it really nice and feminine with a fitted top (the lace just adds so much more dimension to a look! But if all you have in your arsenal is a basic fitted top, have no fear! It’s the perfect moment to wear a decorated statement bib necklace!). Pair with a cute little clutch and a smile, and you’re great to walk out the door!

kisforkani sequin topSequins As A Top!

Some may think sequins during the day can be a bit too much…but if you really don’t mind standing out if you’re ready to stand out, a sequin top can certainly do the job. As you can see from KisForKani above, she paired a fairly light colored sequin top and paired it with brightly colored chiffon trouser pants. By doing this, she’s definitely playing up her bottom color, and complements it with the sequin top. If you’re still a little wary to play with bright colors, it’s okay! This is also a perfect top to wear with black/navy bottoms, and by keeping the color palette fairly neutral (i.e. whites, beiges, pastels), you’ll be far from over the top.

sequin bottoms

Sequins As Bottoms!

Sequins have a way of looking great as bottoms! While as leggings or pants it actually makes up a larger part of your look, by wearing a subtle color, you keep the look from being over the top. And who knew a knit sweater can look so cute just tucked into a sequin skirt? Play down the sequin look by just adding a sweater and your favorite pair of tights! Don’t forget, sequin can be a texture, and to play sheer with sequin is a perfect balance of eye catching and subtle!

sequin top and clutch with mesh skirt

Sequins As An Accessory!

Really make sequins stand out by accessorizing…with more sequins! Go for the full length tulle skirt, and play it up with a sequin top and matching clutch! Or make the sequin accessory the statement piece by wearing solid colors. The comparison of sequins against solid colors is definitely complementary to sequins, since sequins have a tendency to be so many different colors at once.

How are you playing up sequins??

Mad For Plaid: Celebrity Looks for Less

Celebrity Inspiration for Plaid

Plaid is coming back this holiday season in new women’s clothing with a vengeance! Also referred to as tartan, this pattern has crisscrossing horizontal and vertical stripes that form squares and usually appear in varying colors. This closet staple is perfect because of its versatility; after all, it can be rocked by both men and women. To get inspired by the plaid trend, see how some of these celebrities rock tartan in their everyday ensembles.

Everyday Casual Wear

Plaid is the perfect go-to look for a casual day out.  Here Lea Michele sports a fitted blue plaid button up with black leggings and over the knee boots. Her outfit effortlessly incorporates plaid into her daily wear by wearing it with fall staple pieces. The bold pattern is the focal point of her outfit while the rest of her look stays neutral. The slightly fitted design accentuates her curves and keeps this look natural and stylish.

Casual plaid top
Photo Credit: EONLINE

Dressy Attire

Plaid dress

Taylor Swift

If you think plaid isn’t fit for the runway, think again. Take a look at how Emma Watson and Taylor Swift’s tartan outfits transforms this pattern into a feminine piece. Emma Watson sports a lovely red plaid dress with a flared skirt. To give her outfit a cool edge, she pairs the dress with a leather jacket and simple pointy black pumps. This outfit is just too cool! Taylor Swift keeps her look cute and laid-back by pairing her plaid with a neutral black cardi and matching black tights. Both celebrities keep the rest of their outfits very neutral and dark to create the perfect balance to the bright red pattern. To get a similar look, check out our plaid babydoll dress!

how to wear plaid for holiday

Photo Credit: WENN.COM

Fall/Winter Outerwear

Be fearless and bold when you rock tartan by following in Gwen Stefani’s footsteps. This singer dons a bright red plaid coat paired with an all-black outfit that is absolutely chic. The tartan pattern brightens up her look and goes well with her matching red gloves and red lipstick. Her black jeans and ankle boots add a cool grunge twist to her plaid coat.

With the appearance of plaid prints everywhere from fashion runways to the streets, we know this timeless design is here to stay. Luckily for you ladies, Makemechic has all you need to satisfy your tartan cravings. Browse through our Mad for Plaid section for the coolest plaid designs and see how you can style these celebrity looks without breaking the bank!

Plaid Coat

Gwen Stefani

Hide & Seek Giveaway!

Hide & Seek Giveaway!

Find it to win it giveaway

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Gimme Those D’orsay Flats!

d'orsay flats

Flats have always been a closet staple, either due to the fact that they’re cute as hell, or because they look like your favorite pair of heels…but without the feet ache. In either case, a girl’s wardrobe is incomplete with at least one pair of flats. D’orsay flats can be that staple and more. It can be the item you build your outfit around. From its pointy toe to its ankle cut out, its style of cutting edge chic is undeniable. Here are some tips and tricks on what to pair and how to wear your new D’orsay Flats!

lots of d'orsay flats

1. Outfit Ideas For D’orsay Flats

D’orsay Flats can go with any chic fleek look. But since it is a “slimming” or “figure hugging” element in nature (meaning its shape keeps pretty close to your own body shape), you can do one of two things to truly accent it:

1. Contrast It

By wearing something a little baggy on top, such as a coat or a loose top. Then you have that fun, spirited look with the contrast of slim and loose.

2. Complement It

To keep the look consistent, you can always complement the d’orsay flats with an all around fitted look. Pair it with skinny jeans, tights, or even leggings! This creates an overall, put together sleek look.

Ways to wear dorsay flats

2. Cuff It

Pull out your skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, distressed jeans, and great-butt-looking jeans, the d’orsay flats will look great with all! Simply cuffing the ends of your jeans will accentuate the cute little ankle cut out that d’orsay flats are known for! Also, by allowing for a little bit of skin to show, it keeps an eye-catching look of au naturel. Simple & Chic!d'orsay flats with jeans

3. Cutting It Short

From chilly weather to sweltering hot, the d’orsay flats are great all year round. It’s a little more formal than sneakers, and depending on your outfit overall, it can play up a casual outfit, or be the perfect fit for a formal one. Let these flats ‘point’ you in the right direction, your way is the best way to look good.

d'orsay flats with cheetah print(Picture Complements of:

The Girl With the Pastel Colored Hair

If you haven’t noticed lately, one of the biggest trends this year is pastel colored hair! My little pony is making its appearance once again, but in a much more fabulous way. While these colors are definitely fun to look at and play with, the upkeep can be pretty harsh on your hair, especially if you’re starting with a brunette color palette. But if there was ever a time to go a little (maybe a lot) wild with your hair, this is a good time as any!

Check out some tips and tricks of getting pastel colored hair, along with these fashionistas’ Instagrams and their fun colored hair!


pastel colored hair blogger

Francis Lola @Flamcis

Tips On Getting Pastel Colored Hair

1. Take it slow!

Your hair is alive and will wilt and die at harsh treatment. Go for the oven baked bleaching treatment versus straight bleaching your hair. Too many chemicals will cause your hair to dry out and quite possibly break off. With that being said, for some, the process of getting your hair as light as possible will take 3-4 sessions, and over the span of months. The color you’re aiming for is actually snow white. By having white hair, the pastels will be able to pop more and also any shade left in the hair will only darken the pastel.

feral creature blogger

Eugenie @feralcreature

Eugenie @feralcreature

2. Sensitive Hair Care

After putting your hair through that process, it’s going to need some TLC. Most people use a leave in conditioner to help their hair regain some of its moisture back. Others use a hair oil or treatment daily to prevent further drying and breaking. Another tip to taking care of your hair is to keep it out of the sun as much as possible. The sun has a tendency to bake your hair, drying it out, and just contributing to the overall plastic feel you get from your old barbie dolls. Be kind to your hair!

fashion bloggers kastor and pollux

Kastor & Pollux @Kastorandpollux

3. Color Care

Pastel tints are basically toners and with that in mind, with each hair wash you do, the color will wash out more and more. Which is great if you have a tendency to get bored of your hair. But if you’re trying to maintain a particular shade for as long as possible, most suggest a dry shampoo, and when you do have to wash your hair with water, do it with cold water. Hair and color in the hair tends to lock in when reacting to cold water, whereas hot water will make it “open”. It may not be the most favored way of waking up, but cold showers do do the job of getting you up!

pastel colored hair blogger

Ellen V Lora @ellenvlora


At the end of the day, it’s just hair! Make sure you love yours!


Cute Shoes for Everyday of the Week

Cute Shoes For Everyday of the Week

If you’re stuck in a fashion rut and need a bit of guidance, Makemechic can point you in the right direction! We’ve compiled a handy list that features trendy shoes for every weekday.  When you leave the office, slip into these babies for ultimate comfort and style. From casual boots to sexy stilettos, here are the top shoe picks that every woman can make her own.


Casual Women's Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties

Wind down from all your weekend fun with boots that will give your toes a rest. You can definitely start the week off right with these lace up work ankle boots. Great for heavy duty terrain as well as casual wear, these boots have a padded ankle cuff and round toe that will keep your feet as comfy as can be. Ditch your Monday blues with these comfortable and stylish boots—your feet will thank you!


Pumps and Highheels

Versatile Pumps

Polish off your Tuesday with these pointy womens pumps! Features a modern d’orsay design and glossy finish for that sophisticated look that is sure to match whatever you wear. You can totally rock this in the office and take it to your dinner date afterwards. This simple and classy pump looks amazing with midi skirts, pants and can even dress up denim. Slip into a structured jacket for an effortlessly put-together vibe that will make all eyes turn your way.


Affordable Chunky Heel Trends

Chunky Heels

Enjoy a mid-week pick-me-up with an edgy pair of chunky shoes! These shoes display a bolder look, which gives you an unexpected kick. Moreover, chunky heel offers greater stability and a more casual vibe. One of the hottest trends that is transitioning into fall and winter is chunky! These chunky shoes will surely capture all eyes as you walk along the street in your favorite pair of denim and a sharp blazer to meet your gals for a bite to eat.


Jelly Rainboots

Jelly Shoes

Turn back time to those days when you jumped in puddles and loved jelly shoes. Here we have a revamped version of a childhood classic with these bow jelly ankle boots. Comfortable, feminine and absolutely adorable, these shoes are perfect for throwback Thursdays. They come in lovely pastel tones that are sure to liven up your look as well as simple black for a more toned down vibe. They are topped off with a  bow in the front for a girly finish that is sure to make the boys come running.


Dressy evening shoes

Strappy Heels

It’s finally the end of a long work week and you want to celebrate the coming of the weekend with heels that will make jaws drop. These dressy strappy heels will showcase your wild side; they scream, “I just wanna have fun!” The delicate straps give these shoes a sexy touch that is perfect for a girl’s night out or a party. If you’re not a fan of neon tones, they also come in neutral tones that are suitable for multiple occasions. Get pumped up for a wild weekend in these beauties!

Make every step count with our top picks for Monday through Friday for those after school or work hours. We’ve got new shoes everyday in our Just In section!

Playing Dress Up As A Grown Up – Tulle Skirt

Mesh Tulle Skirt

Although we’ve grown out of our Princess/Fairy/Ballerina Tutus, that doesn’t mean we can’t step into bigger ones! This year’s newest trend is one for the fairytale books…the ever layered, full tulle skirts. These skirts come from mini to maxi sized length and are now being found in every color! Wondering IF you can pull off this look? Of course you can, but if you’re not sure where to start, take a look at a few of these ideas!


Together in Paris

Tulle Skirt Paris

In the city of love and romance, you’re allowed to flit around and take amazing photos! But if there’s another thing you have to realize…it’s that the city you’re in can be your city of love and romance! CherryBlossomGirl has created a beautiful look with a landmark background. She makes it very apparent one of the perks of having a tulle skirt…its multilayered look! Just by grabbing the first two layers, you can completely see through it, creating an air of a “meshy” affair. It makes people think they can see a little more than they should…when in reality, everything you want covered up is nowhere to be seen.


It’s All in the Details

Maxi Mesh Tulle Skirt

From head to toe, you know the girl across the street is eyeing you. Might as well give her something to look at, no? But really, the tulle skirt is actually really simple in nature, meaning it’s technically a solid color with no extra frills, just texture. But what that means is that you’re allowed to go elaborate on everything else in your outfit. Take Kenzas for example. She has a very detailed box crop top with an out of this world furry faux clutch! To recreate a more vintage theme, try using off whites, creams, beiges, browns, and blues!

Midi Mesh Tulle Skirt

Here is another example of playing up the details. LeBlogDeBetty has a shimmery black and gold top with a really cute collar. Her detail is in the gold. The contrast between black and gold makes for a really sharp comparison, making it more of an fun and edgy look than something soft like Kenzas. Typically, anything you pair with black will make for sharp contrast, so it’s a great option if you have a colorful top you’d like to make really pop! Note that so far, boxy crop tops make for a great silhouette combination with the tulle skirt. Mainly because these days, these skirts are being worn high waisted, and to keep from hiding too much of the top of the skirt, you want to show a little bit more by having a shorter top.


Take a Step on the Wild Side

Pink Midi Mesh Tulle Skirt

So you don’t always have to be formal when wearing the tulle skirt. It’s a fun skirt and you can certainly play around in it! MakeLifeEasier is definitely playing up the pink in her outfit by spicing up her heels! She has a shades of pink palette going on and by doing so hits a nostalgic touch of childhood. With her fun flirty midi length, with eye catching heels, this outfit is ready to take on the life!

Casual Maxi Mesh Tulle Skirt

Maxi Mesh Tulle Skirt

Twirling in a Mesh Tutu Tulle Skirt

TheBlondeSalad, on the other hand, is keeping it pretty casual in her maxi length tulle skirt by pairing it with an unlined tank and lacy black bralette under. In essence, the tulle skirt is very flexible in that it can come in any color and shape and size. It is a great support piece because no matter what top you’re wearing on top, it won’t clash with it stylistically speaking. It’ll only continue the thought all the way down to your choice of footwear.


Ready to give that tulle skirt a go? If it’s a bit chilly outside…pair it with some tights! Not to mention, this skirt, at any length, looks great under any coat!

Glam It Up: Fall Accessories

Fall Accessories

We’ve talked about how to adjust our clothing to match the shifting temperatures (check out our fall 2014 transitional pieces blog) but what about our accessories? Fall women’s accessories must consist of pieces that keep us looking stylish and warm at the same time. These double duty items consist of beanies or hats, scarves and my favorite, over the knee socks. Time to revamp our accessory collection to keep up with the changing fashion trends!

Floppy hats/ Beanies

Floppy hat trend


Floppy hats are a fall essential. Perfect with a printed cardigan and boots, these accessories are feminine and sophisticated. They are extremely useful because they keep your head warm and shield your face from the wind. Most wool hats are great for fall, whether they are floppy or have shorter brims like porkpie hats. The key is to choose neutral tones such as black, gray or brown. If you want some color, you can definitely try darker colored tones like burgundy, navy or rust, which are great complements for autumn.

Another essential item for chilly nights is a beanie. These every day, casual accessories are perfect for fall and winter. You should choose one that fits your head without being too tight or too loose. They are easy to match and can be worn with anything from a jacket paired with denim jeans to a simple dress.

knit beanies for fall

@Maya Lorelei –


how to style plaid scarves


Feel festive and cozy by wrapping a colorful scarf around your neck. Women’s scarves are a fall and winter staple accessory because they are so easy to throw on and head out the door. They are perfect for adding a touch of flair to any outfit since they can range in texture, print and color. Our current favorites are scarves that are knitted or plaid! Knitted scarves are perfect for chilly days; they add great texture and complexity to your ensemble. Plaid designs are great as well because they create a simple and fun look for any occasion.

Over the Knee Socks

How To Wear Over The Knee Socks

Transition your favorite dresses and skirts into fall by pairing them with otk socks. I personally love the femininity and elegance of over the knee socks when worn with skirts and dresses. The perfect accessory to transition into fall, they provide warmth for your legs while giving you a sophisticated vibe. Over the knee socks create an innocent, yet flirty look that is great for everyday, casual wear. They come in printed designs for a bold look or simple solids that are extremely versatile.

Jump headfirst into fall by adding some of these accessories to your wardrobe. These classic fall and winter accessories will have you ready and excited for cooler days!

Peplum Me Up Buttercup!

Wondering which silhouette works best for your body shape? By far, the easiest solution you’ll ever have to getting dressed, the peplum silhouette won’t disappoint. Check out the different ways you can wear the peplum styled anything!


 The Little Peplum Dress/Jumpsuit

So while the peplum can come in any color or pattern, I would personally like to add the peplum to my list of go-to Little Black Dresses. Why is it an amazing go-to? Because the peplum is able to create an hourglass silhouette for anyone wearing it, and I mean anyone.

Silhouette Prowess

Peplum dress

The best part of the peplum style anything is that it either 1. Helps create curves you want or 2. Helps accentuate the curves you have already. With this particular peplum dress, it keeps itself pretty figure hugging up until the waist. Then it flares out to really give the hips attention. By doing this, it helps create more of that desired “hourglass figure” keeping things tight where it should be, and flattering everything else. I know there are days when we’re just not feeling too great about our bodies. It happens. But the peplum silhouette is a forgiving one, and it can make any self doubt you harbor go away the moment you slip it on. Compare the two pictures and see the shape it creates!

Peplum JumpsuitsPeplum jumpsuits hourglass

The next best thing about a straight, mini dress hemline is that pretty much any footwear can go with it. From thigh high boots to ankle booties to flats, it will go with this dress. Or if it’s a bit chilly outside…pair with your favorite pair of tights to really spice things up! If you’d like to play with texture, I would suggest a solid colored peplum dress with lacy or patterned tights!


The Peplum Top

Peplum Bow TopsPeplum top hourglass shapeThis particular silhouette is sitting fairly high because it is limited to the top part of your body. So what it typically does is it keeps it pretty figure hugging all around the shoulders (if it has sleeves or straps), chest, and upper back area, and then it creates a distinct flare right around the tummy area. So what it does here is that it creates a bit of an hourglass figure for the top half of your body. It still cinches in the waist, but it creates a fitted and slimming look because your body natural widens around the hip and chest area, by bringing in a tighter fit to the waist, it keeps your body from looking figureless or and wide! Peplum tops look great with pencil skirts and tights, just because you want everything around the body still looking as slim as possible so that the peplum can really pop!


The Peplum Leggings

Compare the peplum leggings to regular leggings…

Peplum Pants Comparison

Peplum Pants Hourglass

These leggings are soooo cute! The ruffles really accentuate what you have already and gives it a fun texture, so even though it’s a solid color, it doesn’t look too simple. Again, you can see the two best parts of the peplum coming together, the fitted look everywhere else, and the flared and flattered part around your waist-hip area. This creates a fairly slimming look but also allows for an hour glass figure to take part.

Like with most leggings, tights, or figure hugging pants, these peplum leggings would look great with ankle booties, ankle cuff heels, and flats! As for tops, you  want to go for a figure hugging top or a crop top bralette so that the silhouette’s attention sticks to the waist area. I wouldn’t suggest pairing a peplum top with a peplum bottom mainly because…layering the two flared out ruffles will most likely end up giving you more of a Christmas tree silhouette. Unless that’s what you’re going for…in which case, have at it!!


Best Occasion to Wear the Peplum

The peplum ruffle has a tad of elegance to it, creating a little more than casual look to it. I would definitely suggest wearing peplum to a first date, an office meeting, a job interview, and even a wedding! While of course you may wear this silhouette all day every day, I wouldn’t necessarily top it off with high top sneakers or loose flannel button up. This is definitely a more chic, feminine look and the outfit built around it will look absolutely amazing if the theme of “femme chic” is matched!



Ready to give it a try? Don’t forget to tag us in your posts!! We’d love to see it!