Crop Top And Midi Skirt: The Perfect Fall Combo

Fall is upon us and we’re on the hunt for the most body flattering way to get warm! Turns out…crop tops and midi skirts is the hottest way to go about it. Don’t hide yourself under all those layers!

With the a figure hugging crop top, you have the possibility of keeping your arms nice and warm and showing off a little of your midriff at the same time. If you have a long neckline to show off, a high neck crop top would only accentuate it. Or if you feel like dressing up a long sleeve crop top with some necklace bibs or collar chokers, the high neck is definitely the way to go.

Kicking it off with Kim K, the lady who helped inspire this look, we have the simple long sleeve knit sweater crop top and midi skirt combo. Wearing the skirt high waisted allows for the skirt to elongate and accentuate your curves, making those who are short look taller, and those with a leaner figure more of a curvature outline. And even if the torso area is all covered up, it can be clearly seen that the long sleeve crop top is able to accentuate those curves also!



A little fearful of showing that midriff off in winter? Don’t shy away from your curves! The high waisted skirt adds the perfect parallel hemline to the crop top. You can go as high as you want, leaving half an inch to show some of that all naturale skin of yours, or go all the way and wear the skirt as low as your waistline. The complimenting hemlines go hand in hand. Instead of just wearing a regular knit sweater dress, you can change it up with a matching crop top and midi skirt set! This combo set is much more flattering to a figure and also keeps it a little more interesting.

Here you can see Vanessa Hudgens in a boxy crop top with a matching set high waisted midi skirt. Showing just a little skin keeps the look on the classier side.


The fun part is also mixing up the colors and materials! Miranda Kerr, my personal favorite Victoria’s Secret Angel, may be keeping it two tone and classy, but no less eye catching then anyone else! The patterned high waisted midi skirt keeps this simple color from going flat and boring.

Here we can see a side by side comparison of the crop top and midi skirt combo with a dress. Elle Fanning has a tank crop top on, showing lots of skin on the upper part of her body, and pairs it with a ruffled a-line high waisted midi skirt. This look allows for a little more appeal and color contrast because her natural skin is in between the ivory. A none-the-less classy look on both sides, but I have to admit, there’s certainly a bit more allure to the crop top and midi skirt set as opposed to the knee length dress.

Want the look for less? Check out our own combos!


1. Paint Splatter Crop Top & Skirt
2. High Neck Knit Crop Top & Thigh Slit Midi Skirt

3. Aztec Print Crop Top & Skirt
4. Leatherette Lines Crop Top & Skirt

Fall 2014 Transitional Pieces

Fall 2014 Transitional Pieces

As summer nears its end, we will soon see fall clothing take over the streets. It’s about time that we finally take out our autumn favorites: cardigans, ponchos, socks and boots! A few key skills you will need to polish up on are different ways to transition your summer pieces to fall. Have no fear; Makemechic is here to be your guide. Read on for tips on some simple and creative ways to incorporate summer staples into fall.

Matching Set

(Pictures source:

For the past few seasons, a complete set seemed to be the outfit du jour. There is nothing that we love more than looking put-together with minimal effort. With the same functionality of a dress or jumpsuit, we can wear each piece of a matching set on its own and really maximize the outfit-making potential for your wardrobe. This trend is definitely becoming more popular this fall.

Crop Tops and Graphic Tees

(Photo Source: Getty Image)

Many summer favorites like crop tops and graphic shirts can still be useful during this season. Graphic tops can be layered with a denim jacket and skinny jeans or a skirt with tights. The key is to pair the top with darker colors like black, gray and navy. Keep wearing your favorite crop tops throughout the fall with the perfect pairings! Crop tops can be worn under knit sweaters or even paired with a high-waisted skirt, leggings and your favorite ankle boots.

Colored Bottoms

(Photo Credit: Cara McLeay)

Another popular summer item was colored pants, including bold and beautiful brights as well as interesting prints. One way to keep wearing your favorite colored pants is to pair it with a neutral blazer. The neutral toned jacket will add a touch of sophistication and keep the bright bottoms from overpowering your entire look. This tip also works well for brightly colored tops!

Patterned Dresses

(Photo Source: Lee Oliveira)

Floral dresses were a staple for summer but can definitely continue to rock your world during the cooler months. Switch out your gladiator sandals for some stylish closed-toe ankle strap pumps and layer a cardi or leather jacket over your dress. Slip on some knee high socks for warmth and style. You can also wear tights underneath your dress to keep your legs warm and to give you a suitable look for fall and winter. Do you have a favorite strapless dress that you want to keep wearing? No worries! Simply wear a neutral t-shirt underneath your strapless dress to put a creative twist on your outfit that is perfect for fall.

From throwing on a cardi or adding some neutral pieces to your ensemble, it’s easy to transition your wardrobe favorites this season. Freshen up your fall look today!

Fashionistas of the Week! 9/18

My goodness! This week’s featured fashionistas has hit international levels! But hey, fashion does exist all over the world doesn’t it? Say hello to…

Instagram: lesnobiety

Hello Miss Aashna Shroff!
We just loved looking at her blog! The pictures are detailed and gives you such a great idea of how specific pieces can work to complement an outfit. If you’ve been pretty curious about color blocking lately, the good news is that she has your Lesson 101 on her blog!

Instagram: emmanuella
Good Morning Miss Emmanuella!
We love your choice in shoes! But really, looking at your instagram pictures are so picturesque! You’ve got that chic look down, from your head to your toes, and your outfits have a little extra spunk. Check out this inspirational fashionista from the East Coast!


Instagram: makeup_amor
Hey Fabulous! Meet Miss Miryam, THE make up artist to follow on instagram! But hey, this girl here is a triple threat. Not only is she killer at makeup, she has fashion and beauty on lock! Follow her instagram for new looks to try!

Femme Fatale

Today we shall be paying homage to one of the most known and most fabulous female singers out there, the lovely Mariah Carey. This Lady Killer is no stranger to top charts and hit singles. Her single “One Sweet Day” feat. Boyz II Men spent a record 16 weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100 and remains the longest-running number one song in the US chart history. Throughout her career, Carey sold more than 200+ million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Currently, she holds third best selling female artist in the United States.

From young girl to grown woman, her style stayed consistently fabulously girly. Gold, glitter, and glam is the best way to describe, and always with a sultry smile or two!

Check out our very own, Golden Gal, Mariah Carey Inspired Looks!

1. Twist Wrap Maxi Top
2. Golden Crochet Top
3. Tribal Feathers Knit Dress
4. Sheer Floral Lace Bodysuit
5. Faux Pearl And Rhinestone Ring
6. Metallic Leopard Print Off Shoulder Maxi Dress
7. Perforated Heart Ring
8. Tribal Medallion Bib Necklace
9. Liliana Riva-1 Neon Strappy Gladiator Heels


Combat Ready! Check out Hunger Games Inspired Fashion

We were so excited to see the full trailer of Mocking Jay this morning! If you haven’t seen it yet…don’t wait another second, check it out here!

After watching that trailer, we noticed…they’re just as ready for fall fashion as we are.

Hello Miss Katniss Everdeen, and hello to the color that never goes out of style! From her leatherette Mocking Jay wings, to her two tone patterned accents, this is a killer outfit waiting to happen.

Looking as sexy and as fierce as ever, we have Natalie Dormer as Cressida. Her style screams risque and excitement. One of the many ways to accent black…is more black.

Here are a few of our own Katniss & Cressida inspired pieces!

1. Quilted Faux Leather Overall Shorts
2. Leatherette Moto Vest
3. Fishnet Crop Maxi Top
4. Qupid Strappy Chunky Heel Boots
5. Lace Up Thigh Boots
6. Chunky Heel Combat Boots



And if we had to choose one favorite part of the Capitol…it has to be their outlandish and unique fashion statements!

Fabulous from head to toe, they know how to stand out.
Get Capitol-inspired with our own chic pieces!

1. Caged Strappy Crop Top
2. Bowtiful Corset Jumpsuit
3. Paint Splatter Crop Top
4. Ready for Duty Scuba Skater Dress
5. Aztec Print Bodycon Dress
6. Holographic Bodycon Dress
7. Strappy Magazine Booties
8. Cut Out Color Block Heels
9. Cut Out Chunky Ankle Booties

May fashion be ever in your favor!

Trending Now: Ponchos

Ponchos Are Back!

You may have noticed a slight chill in the air, signaling the beginning of a new season: fall. With cooler days on the horizon, we need to start looking for appropriate women’s clothing styles that match the weather. This means more layering, boots and beanies! Are you as excited as we are? There’s no better way to start the season then by trying out the hot new comeback trend—ponchos. Ponchos played a key role on the runways of Burberry and Roberto Cavalli. From sophisticated looks to bohemian chic, ponchos will definitely be a must-have item for the chilly days ahead.

Poncho Blanket

Photos: Splash News

If you’re feeling a little lost on how to style your poncho, take note of these stylish celebrities. One cool, low key way to wear the poncho is draped over the shoulders. Cara Delevingne’s styles her poncho coat casually by pairing it with a graphic cropped top, skinny leggings and high top sneakers. This definitely works for a casual night out with friends or your special someone because it will keep you feeling cozy and looking effortlessly chic. Put a sexy twist on the poncho blanket like Olivia Palermo by wearing it with shorts and thigh high boots. This look is still casual but with a note of sophistication. Make your look a classic like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by pairing your poncho with a simple fedora and classic blue jeans with boots. She looks absolutely flawless with this simple pairing.


Photo: Lola Mansíl

While ponchos may be a little difficult to style, they are very practical and great for all body types. They are great for creating a natural look and works wonders as a layering piece. Ponchos come in a multitude of styles, from knitted and chunky to sleek and polished. You can definitely find neutral toned ponchos that will match everything or make a statement with colorful patterns. Start your poncho search in our outerwear section, where you can find everything from cardigans to ponchos and capes. Wrap yourself up in style with ponchos for fall.

Photo: Silvia Navarro


Fashionistas of The Week!

Happy Thursday!

This week we’d love to show our appreciation to the women who used MakeMeChic best! We encourage everyone to bring out that inner designer and to always learn new and interesting ways to wear things. These bloggers below are wonderful innovators, if you are ever curious for some ideas, they’d be the ones to follow! If you’re interested in being featured, all you have to do is tag us!
Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: MakeMeChic

Instagram: Lalalisaaaa
Here’s a great way to style a kimono…with just a bikini! And you can always tone down a fun patterned, multicolored shorts with a simple, solid colored top. And black? You can’t go wrong with all black.


Instagram: sobeanie
We fell in love with her bold patterns! Who are you not to be big? Who are you not to stand out?! Justine is a great example of bold and lively!


Instagram: itsnotheritsme
Pick and choose your favorite pattern, Toshiko knows how to wear it! There is such a thing as wearing too many different patterns in one outfit, but Toshiko knows how to balance it out perfectly.


Inspired yet?!
Good thing we have all similar styles in stock!
Shop at:

NYFW Favorite!

Hello Devoted Fashionistas!

We hope you were as excited about New York’s Fashion Week as we were! (we watched the live streaming as often as we could, and we could not get enough!!).

The office went ahead and had a vote and it’s unanimous, our favorite items were from Rodarte!

Gorgeous, downright gorgeous items! Random Fact: the stage consisted of over 300 POUNDS of Swarvoski Crystals. Mmmm.


Everything from sequins, to mesh, they’ve given nautical a twist this fall, and taken it towards something a little more woman empowered theme!

Not to mention, fall’s newest trending colors will most likely range between blues & greens, this is such a great way to layer them!

Feeling fishy?

We can’t promise you a Prince Eric, but we can promise you’ll look good!

Here are some of our own mermaid themed clothing you can peek & grab!

In Order:

1. Dazzling Mermaid Maxi Skirt
2.The Tribal Flare Mini Dress
3. Love Knot Mini Dress
4. One Shoulder Mesh Cutout Sequin Top
5. Floral Lace Mermaid Maxi Skirt
6. Anne Michelle Perton-85 Metallic Lizard Heels


On Instagram? Facebook? Twitter?
Be sure to tag us in your outfit posts! We love to see how you’re dressing up in your own unique way!

Double-sided Earrings Trend

Double the Fun: Double-sided earrings Trend


The latest earring trend will make you do a double-take. That’s right! Double-sided earrings are the hot new trend, with celebrities like Emma Watson, Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence leading the ranks. This look is classy and sophisticated with an added edgy twist. They offer double the fun, with a design in the front as well as the back. If you want to shake things up with your jewelry collection, try out this modern look. While this trend is not as elaborate as the popular ear cuff, they are a refreshing change from the classic pearl earring. They provide a naturally elegant appeal that suits many different styles and are great dressed up or down.

Earrings for Every Occasion

Formal Attire

Emma Watson

So you’re going to a special event where all your friends are dressed in ornate gowns with their hair and makeup looking perfect. Add the perfect trendy accessory to your gorgeous dress with double-sided earrings and you’ll be receiving compliments all night! They come in a variety of styles that range from pearls and diamonds to small tusks or chain and bar accents. Choose your favorite or mix and match colors and styles to create an original look.

Casual Attire

Double-sided earrings are not just for formal occasions, they are a great complement to your everyday look as well. If you’re heading out to the movies or to a casual dinner with friends and you want a touch of chic, you can definitely rock this trend with a casual top, boyfriend jeans and some cute chunky heel boots. They are great for adding a sophisticated touch to your everyday wear or as a finishing touch to a dressy look. Complement your rhinestone necklace with our rhinestone double faux pearl earrings! They add a graceful touch to your evening wear that will prepare you for a night out on the town.

Double-sided earrings are definitely a must-have for every fashionista’s collection. Try it out today; we promise you won’t regret it.

2014 Fall Boot Trends

2014 Fall Boot Trends

As the leaves begin to change and fall, and temperatures begin to cool, we will see a gradual shift in our clothing and shoe choices. Popular summer wear like jelly sandals and wedges will soon be stored away and replaced with more fall appropriate shoe wear. To give you an idea of what this includes, Makemechic presents a sneak peek into fall’s coolest boot trends!

Ankle Boots

One of the most classic fall styles include women’s ankle boots. They are the perfect transition for the end of summer to the beginning of winter because they are so easy to match and wear with both dresses and pants. Ankle booties range from casual to professional, with a variety of materials and designs that make this a versatile trend. This season, ankle boots are undergoing a serious transformation, complete with zippers, buckles and other details that we simply adore! Some especially popular designs will include wrap-around straps with buckle accents. You will also see lace up designs, which add a casual edge to the classic ankle boot. Moto-inspired boots add a cool rocker vibe to any outfit. Some ankle boots have cut out designs and chunky heels that look amazing with skinny jeans.

Wedge boots


Another amazing style that will be popular come fall are wedge boots! These babies come in varying heights, from ankle to over the knee. Wedge boots are the perfect fall shoe since they add height and create a feminine silhouette. If you want to give your wardrobe a subtle kick, wedge boots are your go-to shoe. Choose a style that pops, whether it includes a bright tone or fringe detailing. For a more traditional look, you can’t go wrong with neutral tones like black and nude. They will present a polished and professional appearance.

Lug sole boots


Are you into an edgier shoe that makes a strong statement? Lug sole shoes are no longer reserved for menswear in hiking and construction sites. These boots are characterized by heavy treading on the outer sole of the shoe, and often have platforms and thick heels. Lug soles provide greater traction and stability that is perfect for everyday comfort and wear. Complement these masculine styled shoes with distressed denim jeans or leggings for a casual look.


Put your best foot forward and browse our shoe collection for the latest fall styles!