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Loving all things fashion, we absolutely adore this new fad for LookBook videos. Either for companies or happy individuals, all the effort put into one is to be much appreciated. Check out not only our own from one of our past LookBook shoots, but some of our top favorites!



What do you think of LookBook videos? Or do pictures do an outfit justice?

3 Must-Have Spring Clothing Items

3 Must-have Spring Clothing Items

Spring has finally arrived at our doorstep and that means it’s finally time to put away all our high boots and sweaters in favor of more warm-weather clothing like crop tops and cute dresses. What I personally love about this season is the bold and bright colors that we don; not only does it liven up the day, it is much more fun to come up with new outfits! Check out Makemechic’s 3 must-have items for your spring wardrobe and get ready to shop.

1) Crochet lace dress

Spring Crochet Trends


There’s something ethereal about crochet lace pieces; they are so mesmerizing because of their semi-sheer, intricate designs that show off just the right amount of skin without crossing any boundaries. One perfect item for spring, crochet dresses—especially in white—will instantly give you an innocent and striking persona. If you’re not sure how to pull off this look, check out our blog on [lovely lace] for some inspiration. If dresses aren’t your style, try out a crochet top with some denim jeans for a no-fuss look.

2) Floral kimono

Credit: Avestyles

Another all-important piece to have this season is a floral kimino. Beautiful and light-weight, patterned kimonos are indispensable during this time of year because they add color and texture to an outfit. While they are somewhat sheer, kimonos offer an extra layer of complexity to an ensemble and have a feminine appeal that is too good to pass up. To make this your statement piece, layer it over a plain crop top and shorts; throw on some gladiator sandals to complete that boho feel.

3) Crossbody bag

Cross Body Handbag Trends

Credit: TokyobanhbaoFollow

One essential item for spring is an accessory that can be used throughout the season. I’m talking about something that is versatile, stylish and practical all thrown into one. Yes ladies, it’s the crossbody bag. Finding the perfect handbag is definitely a tough task, but once you do, it will be worth it. A round leatherette crossbody is a great bag because it has enough storage space for everything you really need and has a long shoulder strap so your hands are free for other tasks. Try one with fringe or other embellishments for a playful look.

With warmer climes comes a revamping of our closets that shows renewed personality and style. What are some of your spring clothing essentials?

Stop & Stare: The Halter Top is Back!

Halter Tops

While there are quite a few things the 90s brought us that we shouldn’t take a second glance at, the halter top is definitely being welcomed back with open arms! This style top leaves for a sexy back and an edgy overall look. Because of its sweet simplicity, it is very easy to wear in practically any outfit or occasion!

Casual Summer Day

halter top flannel

The casual summer outfit go to because: 1. It’s hot, 2. It looks a lot nicer than a regular tshirt 3. It keeps you from getting too hot!

Edgy Casual Outfithalter top overalls

If you’re aiming to kick it up a notch, the next not-so-basic thot is to pair it with some acid wash denim overalls. Rebellious messages welcomed, but an overall well put together casual outfit. But what’s a 90s inspired halter top without its tattoo choker necklace?

What’s Edgier than Edgy?

halter top midi skirt

A faux leatherette halter top of course. Flashy enough to take to the club, and shows a little too much for dinner at Grandma’s. This number is definitely for when it gets hot in the kitchen!

Take It Slow, Halter Top Bohohalter top boho

Of course with music festival season coming up, the halter top has met a past partner and teamed up to make more of a far out boho inspired top. Crochet, lace, and delicate details galore, the halter top also pays an ode to feminine history. Free the boobs movement were all body confidence! So when you wear a halter top, be sure to wear it with pride!

Coachella Headliners – Music Mondays

The whole point of a music festival such as Coachella, are of course, the artists. The best part of Coachella however, is the fact that there will be a variety of live performances! But what artists are we truly excited to see? Check out some of our favorite picks below!

coachella headliners

MakeMeChic Spring LookBook 2015: Prim & Play

Say hello to this season’s newest LookBook! From festival inspired looks to not-desperate housewife, our looks will have you in a daze.

MakeMeChic LookBook 2015

Glam CampMakeMeChic LookBook 2015

MakeMeChic LookBook Glam Camp

MakeMeChic LookBook Glam Camp

MakeMeChic LookBook Glam Camp

MakeMeChic LookBook Glam Camp

MakeMeChic Glam Camp 2015

Shop the look Here.

Lolita Daze

MakeMeChic LookBook Lolita Daze

MakeMeChic LookBook Lolita Daze

MakeMeChic LookBook Lolita Daze

MakeMeChic LookBook Lolita Daze

Shop the look Here.

Prep SchooledMakeMeChic LookBook Prep Schooled

MakeMeChic Lookbook Prep Schooled

MakeMeChic LookBook Prep Schooled

MakeMeChic LookBook Prep Schooled

Shop the look Here.

Semi-CharmedMakeMeChic LookBook Semi-Charmed

MakeMeChic LooKBook Semi-Charmed

MakeMeChic LookBook Semi-Charmed

MakeMeChic LookBook Semi-Charmed

MakeMeChic LookBook Semi-Charmed

Shop the look Here.

Women Gladiators!

No Olympians or buff Romans needed for these, Gladiators calls for a different type of specimen. Gladiator sandals and heels are a summer favorite because it does more than just keep your feet from being too hot, it makes for an overall edgy look with its cutout, strappy, and cagey look! Not only will you find it as a favorite of summer, but also at music festivals due to its sturdy nature. Get in touch with your boho side or take a step on the wilderness side with some fancy gladiators!

In the Wilderness, The Mighty Wildernessgladiator wilderness

Tread lightly? Nah, stomp around as much as you want in gladiator sandals. The fact that these sandals strap to your calf higher than your ankle, gives you a bit more durability than say, sandals that stay below the ankle. Reason being, it has extra support to pull on when you start to twist your ankle. Instead of allowing the free movement to twist your ankle, it restricts it. And so, no damsel in distress will be found in these gladiators! And from flowy skirts to jeans, these babies go with anything.feather leatherette gladiator sandals

Gladiators aren’t really meant to be hidden. There’s so much detail going, it’d be a shame to actually not show them off as a statement item. Of course, details like feathers or charms gives gladiator sandals more of a boho chic personality, but because it makes for such a standout piece, it helps create the personality of your look.

C’est Chic, Gladiator Heelsgladiator heels chic

So these might not be the footwear you want to stomp around in, but they’re defintely the kind you want to strut around in. In this case, adding a heel gives off more of a sexy, edgy look that can be worn out in the city and not just a music festival field. Gladiators are known for the strappy overall look along with the cutouts, something that parallels feminine lingerie. And again, because it makes for such an eye catching part of your outfit, it can really spice up a look.gladiator heels desert festival

Check out some gladiator fun here!

Don’t Get Burnt by Sun Burns, Get Cool Instead!

The Makings Sun Burnscoachella desert sun

It’s the first day of Coachella, and you realize you didn’t bring enough sun block..and they way you realize that is by way of really bad sun burn tan lines. If there’s one thing all music festivals have in common is that it is ridiculously dusty and crazy hot! And while you do your best (or not) to stay covered, sun burns are going to happen anyways. Your next best friend is aloe vera.

Aloe Veraaloe vera

The more natural the state of aloe vera, the better. Just grab a leaf at your local grocery store and just get crazy with it! And in case you want extra relief from having received a sun burn on say, your back, and you no longer can lie on your back to sleep…

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes for Sun Burns!aloe vera ice cubes

Stay safe, stay cool, and stay hydrated everyone!

Coachella Fashion

Coachella is not only know for its live music and free spirit culture, but also for all the fashionistas that come together and strut their stuff! This is one of the biggest fashion get togethers where statements are made, and images heavily blogged. As the event gets closer, the search for the perfect outfit gets a little more frantic. Check out some of the favorites from last year, along with some of that new-new fashion for this year!!

Boho Crochet Rompercoachella romper outfit makemechic

So here we have a prime example of all things Coachella. It’s got a mix of something crochet, something fringe, something floral, and something a cowboy would have.

coachella fashion outfits makemechic

MakeMeChic from left to right: 1. Tori Shoulder Cutout Peasant Top, 2. Abstract Tribal Print Crochet Fringe Shorts, 3. Off Shoulder Boho Crochet Lace Crop Top, 4. Woven Office Palazzo Pants, 5. Off Shoulder Ruffled Romper

It’s All In the Details

coachella fashion romper makemechic

Of all the places to go to truly enjoy bright and vibrant patterns, Coachella is the place to be. Maybe because unlike raves or concerts, it’s in broad daylight where every part of an outfit may be examined and critique and celebrated. And since such details can be appreciated, everyone has the opportunity to rock their favorite paisley, baroque, plaid, checkered, floral print they desire.

romper crochet chambray detail shot

Even simple colorblocking can be the loveliest thing you ever did see.

coachella fringe fashion

Coachella is where fringe is brought to fly.coachella fringe top makemechic

And the looser the top, the less hot you’ll be from the sun!

coachella fashion makemechic

At the end of the day, it’s all about good, safe fun with your bestfriends.

Hats and Headbands Galore

Hats and Headbands Galore

Spring is right around the corner and we can finally sit back, relax and soak up the warmer weather. With the change of seasons also comes the shift in how we accessorize. Spring means more colors and fun accessories such as women’s hats and headbands. Let’s take a look at some of the big players that will make a statement this spring.

Woven Straw Hat

Credit: Jen McCabe

A spring and summer staple accessory is the woven fedora. This hat is a great item to include in your closet because not only is it useful in providing you with protection against the sun’s harsh rays, it is super stylish too! You can choose one with a colorful patterned ribbon or stick to a neutral-toned ribbon. If fedoras aren’t your thing, you can opt for something more feminine like a wide brim floppy hat. These are great for heading to the beach. Pair it with a maxi dress and some sandals for that vacation look!

Floral Crown

Spring Hair Accessories

Credit: LateAffternoon

You’ll be frolicking in the sun with a lovely floral crown. Perfect for a music festival, a floral garland will add just the right amount of feminine elegance to your ensemble. The bigger the flower, the bigger statement-making power you’ll have! Try one with a pretty pastel tone for the spring. Pairing this accessory with a crochet top or lace number will give you an ethereal aura. Check out our flower shop if you’re in love with anything floral!

Embellished Headband

Gypsy Embellished Hair Accessories

Credit: Sara Libby

Another fun accessory is a jeweled headband or any type of headband with some type of embellishment. Bow headbands are becoming popular, as they add a cute, girly touch to any outfit. Embellished headbands are perfect for everyday wear but can also be used to complement a formal dress. They add a fun and unique touch by highlighting your hairstyle.

Metal Chain HairBand

Metal hair accessories

Credit: Three Bird Nest

Another cool trend I’ve spotted lately is the metal chain Hairband. This accessory leaves an Egyptian goddess-type impression because of its shine and ornamental use. You will definitely attract some eyes when you step out wearing one of these.

Dive headfirst into the new season by adding some fun headbands and hats to your collection. One of the best things about spring is the plethora of new fashion accessories you can find to add color and fun to your wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for?

Boho Crochet Appreciation

boho crochet detail

While old school crochet may have you thinking of grandmas and knitting needles, these days, crochet has gotten a face lift and has been enlightened and transformed into a young and beautiful phoenix that’s ready to take off and soar! From floral, herbal, and abstract geometric designs, crochet is far from drab and boring.

The Crochet Swimsuit

boho crochet bathing suit bikini

Typically when you think of crochet, you of sweaters, scarves, and beanies. Not anymore! In winter sure, but as the days turn to Spring and Summer, crochet now exists in your favorite itty bitty bikini or swimsuit! The crochet pattern is able to give your look a much more calm and casual look.

boho crochet bikini cover up

Some of MakeMeChic’s Picks from left to right: 1. Boho Crochet Overlay Tunic Dress, 2.  Lara Crochet Net Bikini Top , 3. Boho Crochet Overlay Tunic Dress

boho crochet bathing suit bikini

And easily enough, if you’re planning on going to a music festival namely, COACHELLA (!), pair it with something fringe-y! It’s easy to accessorize and perfect for hot weather!

Boho Crochet Dress

boho crochet dress

Crochet, because of its possibility of infinite patterns and also … see-through nature, has made it a popular choice for layering. For summer reasons, you want to rock layers so that in case it gets hot, you’re free to take off the dress, but if you’re in a place that’s far too sunny, you’re still able to wear it for sunburn skin protection but not be unbelievably sweaty.

boho crochet cover up dress

From left to right: 1. Regal Crochet Mesh Tunic Top, 2 Boho Crochet Cover Up Maxi Dress, 3. Regal Crochet Mesh Tunic Top