Slide Into Summer with Sandals

Slide Into Summer with Sandals

The Best Sandal Styles Spring 2015

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means: time to flash your awesome pedicure! What better way to do that than wearing your favorite pair of strappy sandals? I’m here to give you the low down on the hottest sandal styles this season. From comfortable lounging sandals to ones you can dress up for a date, Makemechic has it all. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check it out.

Flip Flop Fun

What I love about spring and summer is that you can play up fun colors and designs, especially with flip flops. Perfect for the beach or even just a casual day out, flip flops are so comfortable. They are great shoes to throw into a tote and take on-the-go if you ever need to switch out your shoes because they are so lightweight. You can even lounge around the house with these because they are so easy to slip on and off. Rock some flip flops with neon tones for a more eye-catching look!

Flatform Heaven

Flatform Sandals for Summer

Credit: Song of Styles

Another hot trend this spring is the flatform sandal. Basically a hybrid between a sandal and wedge, flatforms give you the comfort of a sandal with the elevation of a heel. You can totally wear these for a casual day out or dress it up for a date. On a casual day, you can pair flatforms with some denim jeans; roll up the cuff to highlight your shoes even more! For a date outfit, wear your flatforms with a dress to give it a feminine touch.

Footbed Frenzy

The ever popular Birkenstock sandal is back again this season! These types of sandals are raved about due to their extremely cushioned, cork-filled sole and roomy toe area. It also has a thick leatherette body that makes it much easier to wear for long periods compared to flat sandals. Perfect for everyday wear, these sandals will definitely stay long into summer. Slip into some footbed sandals and your feet will thank you.

Give your stiletto pumps a break and slip into some stylish sandals!

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2015 Handbag Forecast

The Best Spring Handbag Every Chic Needs

MMC ‘s stylists select their favorite bags straight from 2015 Spring Fashion Week.  Handbags have always been the staples in every girl’s closet. We love how practical and iconic these bags are for the springtime. Have your own list? Comment below for a chance to be featured!



1-    Mini

Spring 2015 Handbag Collections



2-    Winged

Winged Handbag Trends



3-    Printed

Must Have Spring Handbags

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Dress Up For Summer

Dress Up For Summer

Summer is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than by revamping our wardrobes with some warm weather essentials? One of my favorite things about summer is being able to wear a variety of cute dresses! They will keep you feeling breezy and looking naturally fabulous throughout the day. Best of all, they are comfortable and fun to wear. Read on to see which styles will be most popular this season and see how you can style these pieces.

spring Midi Dresses

Credit: SazanMidi Dress

Midi Dress

There’s something extremely appealing about a midi dress. They are the perfect length to show some leg but not overdo it, which makes it perfect for this time of year. Midi dresses display a classy and sophisticated aura and are perfect desk-to-dinner pieces. At the office, you can pair it with a simple blazer or cardigan; change out your blazer for something a little more comfortable, such as a light trench jacket when you head out for dinner. To make your simple midi stand out, pair it with a bright statement necklace and sexy heels at night.

Maxi Dresses for Summer

Credit: Suzie Q

Maxi Dress

Be ready to hit the beach looking stunning in a floor-skimming maxi dress. Maxi dresses elongate your frame, giving the illusion of greater height. This style was made for that vacation getaway because it makes you appear more graceful, elegant and relaxed. Complete the look with a floppy hat and some gladiator sandals for the ultimate boho vibe. Want to appear even taller? Switch out those sandals for some chunky heels or wedges for an extra boost in height.

Printed Summer Dresses

Credit: Kendieveryday

Printed Dress

Recharge your summer with a fun printed dress! Floral prints are especially hot during spring and summer, so stop and smell the flowers. For a more unique look, don’t be afraid to try out other prints; tribal, animal, and geometric patterns are fun alternatives to floral prints as well. Pair your printed number with neutral pumps so your outfit is not too overwhelming. Slip a crossbody purse over your shoulder and you’re ready to head out for the day!

Which dress style will you rock this summer?

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Met Gala 2015′s Best Dressed

Metropolitan Gala’s Best Dressed Recap

After months of counting down, the Met ball is finally here!

The Met Gala is arguably the most stylish night of the year and one of the few times celebrities and influencers take real fashion risks. For those who are not familiar with the Met Ball, it is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. It is fashion’s fanciest night for celebrities to showcase their over-the-top fashion sense. This year’s theme “ China: Through The Looking Glass” brought us a lot of embellished floral motifs and touches of red. Go figure!

Below are our picks for this year’s best dressed. Let us know what you think. Disagree with our choices? Did we miss anyone? Leave us a comment below!

Beyonce  in Givenchy

Met Gala 2015's Best Dressed

Credit: Jamie McCarthy

Rihanna in Guo Pei

Rihanna Met Gala 2015

Credit: Getty Image

Lady Gaga in balenciaga

Lady Gaga

Credit: Jamie McCarthy

Fan Bingbing in Christopher Bu

Met Gala 2015's best dressed

Credit: Getty Image

Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Atelier

Lizzy Caplan at the Met Gala 2015

Credit: Larry Busacca

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Shoe Trend Alert: Slide Sandals

Trend Alert: Slide Sandals!

Floral Birkenstocks

Credit: Huffington Post





Casual Slide On Sandals You Need

Credit: LeFashion

Slide Sandals are the shoes of the moment for spring and for summer. These slide sandals are a harmony between mules and Birkenstock providing comfort and luxury.  A perfect pair of slide on sandals will erase the necessity of flip flops (yes you heard it right!) and elevate our casual, everyday look drastically. Here are our picks from metallic and flatform to floral and pastel. Pick your favorite and let these cutesies take you from draining finals week to the beach and everywhere in between.

Summer Shoe Trend: Sandals




Flatform Sandals


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MakeMeChic’s Name This Skirt Contest! – EXTENDED

Do you have what it takes? Get your creative juices flowing and you just might win a $50 gift card!

How to Play:



1. Name this skirt!!!!

2. Post in Comment Section Below. Please include your email.

3. Cross your fingers and hope you came up with the best name!

Multiple entries welcomed. Comments will be HIDDEN to keep others from copying your answer!

Contest rules : You have until Tuesday, May 13th, 11:59PM PST to enter. Please leave a valid email address. We will announce our winner via FACEBOOK on Thursday, May 14th, 2015. After the winner is chosen, he or she will have 5 days to claim the prize. Please note that only correct entries posted to this blog post will be considered. Comments left on any of our other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do not qualify for the prize. Multiple entries welcomed. 

*Prize is only the $50 gift card, prize does not include the item being named. 

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4 Ways to De-stress

Ways to De-stress

Feeling stressed? There are some days where everything seems to overwhelm you and you are unable to focus or complete your tasks correctly. Well, don’t worry because we’ve got some sure-fire ways to combat your stress and make you feel more relaxed and content.

1. Exercise

Work Out to Destress

One great way to battle stress is to exercise. Whether you take 5 minutes or 50 minutes to work out, just make sure you incorporate any type of physical activity into your day. Take a walk during your work break or park your car further from the grocery store so you will have to walk a greater distance. Little things like this will add up and soon you’ll be pumped to head to the gym!


2. Meditation


Meditation is another way you can help your mind and body relax. Start by closing your eyes and clear your mind of any thoughts that cause you stress. You can play soft music as you do this or sit silently. After you have had some time to clear your head and calm down, you will be able to focus again.


3. Bubble bath

After a long, stressful day, treat yourself to a warm bubble bath. Light up some candles to set a relaxing atmosphere; you can play music as well. The warm water and bath salts will take out all of the tension in your muscles, giving you a relaxed and calm feeling.


4. Shopping

Retail Therapy

Ever heard of retail therapy? One of my favorite methods for de-stressing is to go shopping. Browsing through stores and trying on some clothes will get your mind off things because you’ll be focused on what is in front of you. It can be gratifying to reward yourself with a new dress or pair of shoes after a long work week. Just don’t get too carried away.

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Spring Towards a New You

Spring Towards a New You

Spring is a time that calls for a rejuvenation of our homes in favor of a more simplistic, cleanly and healthier environment overall. What better way to start spring cleaning than by re-organizing our closets and replacing our outdated clothing with new clothing that is trendy and fashion-forward?

Out With the Old

When thinking about replacing your old clothing with something more modern, we should come up with some essential closet items such as basics for everyday wear, a classic pair of denim jeans and a killer dress with heels.

Crop tops you need for spring

Credit: Yuri Nakagawa

While you are shedding excess clutter, think about what you really need. You can save a lot of closet space by ridding yourself of clothes you never wear; one good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in the past year, you can toss it in the donate pile. Some good basics to incorporate into your wardrobe are a comfy tee, tank, cardigan, jacket and a skirt. Crop tops are perfect for the spring and summer because they can be worn separately or paired with anything from a kimono to a leather jacket. You don’t need to limit yourself to just one of each—just make sure that you have at least one because these pieces can be layered and used to create several different outfits.

Musthave denim styles

Credit: @therubyelement

Another essential item is to have a good pair of jeans. I’m not talking about jeggings or those $15 pair of jeans; you want something that will stand the test of time and this means real denim. Jeans are a classic that will always come back so having a few pairs will do your wardrobe some good.

Bodycon dress style for petie girls

Credit: @laceandlocks

Lastly, you should have an outfit that will turn heads. A little black or white bodycon dress and a killer pair of heels are perfect for anything from that date night, special event or wedding that you need to attend.

This season, challenge yourself to change up your style and get rid of clothing that you don’t wear.

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Sunny Floral Prints!

Celebrate spring in the classic and never gets old floral print. From head to toe, the bright colors and ever eye catching print is the best way to celebrate sunny days!

Floral Print Maxi Dresstropical floral print maxi dress

Tropical prints are known for its bright neon colors! This floral print will definitely make others stop and stare. As a maxi dress, it makes the most out of the amount of fabric used and runs with it!


Floral Print Top
floral print top

Even as just a top, florals will definitely make a statement. Brighten up any look and any color with this fun print!


Summer Floral Rompertropical print romper


The shorter the fabric, the more intense the print can get without it being over the top! Complement bright sun rays with bright colors and prints!


Floral Print Wedges




floral print wedges


Because it’s such a lovable print, you can find floral print anything these days, especially summer wedges! Floral prints can be worn from head to toe and spring is the perfect season to start wearing them.

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Lip Talk for Lip Care with Your top Lip Balms!

Over the years, you might have noticed that all of the different lip balms you have tried, some have fared better than others. As with most beauty products, there are appropriate times and places for products to be used. Check out some hip lip tips for the next time you lose a lip balm and is in the market to try something new!

Vaseline – The Petroleum Based Lip Balm

Vaseline has an instant gratification for moisture. However, it might not be the best for your lips! If your lips are already juicy and moist, vaseline will be able to lock in that moisture. However, if your lips are dried and cracked, vaseline won’t do much to help you! It’s also been said to avoid wearing it out in the sun as it doesn’t actually provide any protection, and if anything will cause your lips to bake.vaseline lip balm

Tinted Lip Balm

Are quite popular these days. I don’t know about you, but my lips tend to dry out like crazy after a few hours of lipstick. If you’re going for a more tinted look as opposed to a full blown on lipstick look, tinted lip balms will be your new best friend. It gives your lips a shade of color, but still manages to keep it natural…and moist!nyx lip balm


These trendy hipster lip balms smell delicious. They’ve jumped on the organic bandwagon of being gluten free, petrolatum and paraben free (common skin irritants), and has 100% natural flavor. You really can’t go wrong with all natural!

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Beeswax is a wonderful form of lip balm. It moisturizes, helps prevent cold sores and infections, and can even protect your lips from harmful sun rays. How?! Well, other than it being organic and therefor non-toxic, this natural ingredient contains traces of antibacterial agents and emulsifiers that help with inflammation.

burt's bees lip balm

The Queen of Lip Balms

I can go on for hours why coconut is the best thing to happen ever. But concentrating purely on lips, coconut oil is divine. It has plenty of antibacterial agents, great for moisturizing, healthy to ingest, and smells amazing. The more natural the form, the better. You really can’t wrong using coconut oil. Ever.

coconut oil lip balm

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