Color Series: Jewel Tones

As we say good-bye to Summer, we’re excited to welcome new styles Fall has to offer. Quite often, Fall’s color palette consists of many neutral tones, so therefore Fall presents a fresh new palette of vibrant jewel tones! It gives your whole ensemble a pop of color that it’s thirsting for! Here are a few inspirations for jewel tones!

1. Jewel Tone Skirt

Jewel Tone Midi Skirt -

Photo Credit:,

We love how this stunning a-line pleated skirt is the star of this amazing Fall look. This pleated midi skirt is great to carry into the Fall because it looks great paired with Summer crop tops or Fall’s cozy sweaters and trench coats. Add magenta’s complementary color green to your bag or shoes for a playful jewel tone outfit. Get the same rich color taffeta skirt, but for an affordable price that will bring joy to you and your wallet.

2. Jewel Tone Dress

Jewel Tone Dress -

Photo Credit:

Fall weddings call for jewel tone dresses that bring vibrant, happy energy to the party! If your whole dress is saturated in green, add a hint of it’s complementary or contrasting hue. Here, she is wearing a lighter shade of green for her belt, it’s subtle, but it makes a huge difference.

3. Stunning Royal Blue Jumpsuit

Jewel Tones Jumpsuit -

Photo Credit:

Jump into a stunning jewel tone blue jumpsuit for a luxurious, fresh look! Love the subtle hints of glamour she added like her shimmering gold statement necklace and let’s not let her firey red hair go unnoticed. They all compliment her outfit beautifully. This desirable zip up jumpsuit is a must have, create your own jewel tone Fall look.

Be careful not to overwhelm the room with jewel tones, keep jewel tones to a minimum of one or two colors. You want to stay elegant and classy, not tacky. Am I right, ladies? Create your distinctive Fall look with beautiful, rich jewel tones this season.

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Complete The Look – Match & Win

MakeMeChic Complete The Look Contest!

Finish off this vintage bohemian look by finding the perfect shoes on to match. How would you complete this OOTD?

Complete The Look Contest -


How to Enter:

1. Find shoes on that will match and complete this outfit.

2. Paste the link(s) in the comments section.

Don’t forget to share this contest with your friends!
Multiple entries welcomed. Comments will be HIDDEN to keep others from seeing your answer!

Contest rules : You have until Wednesday, September 2nd, 11:59PM to enter. Please leave a valid email address. A winner will be chosen on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015. We will announce our winner via FACEBOOK. After the winner is chosen, he or she will have 5 days to claim the prize. Please note that only correct entries posted to this blog post will be considered. Comments left on any of our other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do not qualify for the prize. Open to U.S. participants only.

*Prize is a $50 gift code for use on only. 

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How To: Transition From Summer To Fall

If you’re not ready to say good bye to your favorite summer pieces, don’t fret, you just might not have to! We’ll guide you on choosing items that are versatile to pair with your Fall outfits. Besides, who wants to break the bank and purchase a whole new fall wardrobe? Here are some helpful tips on how to go from summer to fall with just a few simple swap-a-roo’s!

Sheer Longline Kimono

Fall Kimono -

Photo Credit:

Keep that gorgeous floral crochet kimono! It’s a great summer to fall transition piece that can be easily become a stunning Fall outfit. Switch out your distressed denim shorts and reach for longer pants and pair with some cute booties. For a romantic date night, pair this kimono with a high neck dress with lace up wedges.

 Suede Utility Jacket

Suede Utility Jacket -
Photo Credit:

Summer’s heat is coming to an end and we’re moving into Fall’s crisp air. It’s not quite cold just yet, so good news for you, crop tops are definitely still wearable. Pair them with a cute vegan suede utility jacket and flirty ankle strap heels. No need to think long and hard when you have cute outerwear, it just pulls the whole outfit together effortlessly. Get creative with your Summer to Fall transition, it doesn’t have to be a drag.

 Classic Trench Coat

Plaid Trench Coat-

Photo Credit:

Trench coats are hands down classic outerwear that we see time and time again. An effortless stylish trench coat is a great summer to fall transition piece because it can be paired with your side slit tank dresses, distressed denim shorts, or left slightly open to show off your sexy lace top, the choices are endless!

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70s Revival Fashion

The ultimate #throwbackthursday is here! 70s fashion is back (again!). This means bell sleeves, suede skirts, psychedelic prints, patchwork, Native American and tribal inspiration and of course platform shoes! Paired with new accessories, you will be retro meets modern fusion heaven! We’ve got the 411 on how to get in on the nostalgia but still keeping it fresh with a modern twist!

70s Revival Runway-

Photo Credit:

Denim Dares

Long before Justin and Britney made their unforgettable red carpet entrance with their denim on denim ensembles in the 90s, our parents were doing denim on denim in the 70s! Although it seems counterintuitive to be wearing matchy-matchy tops and bottoms, trust us. Denim on denim has never looked so chic. How do you take a trend that could potentially go so wrong and make it fashion forward, you ask? Simple! Keep your accessories easy and polished such as with pointed toe pumps or classic Ray Ban wayfarer framed sunglasses! Double denim is not to be feared- so trade in your typical hoodie for some vintage outerwear!

Not feeling the entirely denim outfit? Break it up with the 70s fashion trend of jeans that are cut right above the ankle. These trousers and dungarees are energizing in this era where skinny jeans seem to have taken over every outfit! Following the simple do’s and don’ts of wide-leg cropped pants has never been easier with these straight forward guidelines. Top off your cropped leg pants with a fitted sweater for a sexy fall ensemble. As for footwear, opt for ankle boots. Especially when the ankle boots fit snuggly around your ankles, it creates a very flattering silhouette! Going in the same direction, knee length boots are also a good option if the boot is fitted to your leg.

70s Revival Denim-

Photo Credit:

Tribal Triumphs

A big time influence in the 70s was Native American culture. This came out of a time when love and peace was in the air and Americans felt a connection with the native people of their country. Bring the love back by adding some tribal influenced style into your outfit! Do this by adding texture with none other than suede and fringe. Fringe fashion was hot in the 70s but it’s even hotter now! You can get your fringe fix with almost anything nowadays. Fringed booties, fashionable women’s skirts, suede outerwear- everything has been fringed! Back then, celebrities like Cher and Pam Grier integrated tribal inspired pieces into their wardrobes by wearing chunky earthy jewelry and even bold headpieces.  In 2015, boho tribal chic has taken over even the runways! Fabrics like suede and fur are swarming the fashion scene as well as beadwork and fringe.

70s Revival Tribal -

Photo Credit:

Color Me 70s

Lastly, if you want to make your outfit 70s-esque without channeling too much costume, you can easily do this by altering your palette. Make a bold statement by putting earthy colors into the mix such as olive, camel, tan, mustard, and rust! (Insert heart eye emojis here!) For a modern meets classic look, try using these tones with a modern silhouette. For instance, opt for an asymmetrical cut skirt in olive and pair it with a flowy lace up top. This screams flower child in 2015 all over it! However you decide to take on the 70s, take the trend by the horns and don’t forget to boogie down!

70s Revival Suede- MakeMeChic.Com


Photo Credit:

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Hide & Seek Giveaway – Find To Win

MakeMeChic Hide & Seek Giveaway!

Find these items on the site and enter to win them!

Hide & Seek Contest -

Contest Rules:

1. Find any item from this outfit on (Can be the top, kimono, necklace, shorts, and/or the shoes)

2. Post the link to the item(s) in the comments section. (Include your preferred size and color)

3. If the links are correct, we will add your name to a random drawing and you can WIN any 1 of the items you found!

Multiple entries welcomed. Comments will be HIDDEN to keep others from seeing your answer!

Contest rules : Two winners will be chosen on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015. You have until Tuesday, March 25th, 11:59PM to enter. Please leave a valid email address. We will announce our winner via FACEBOOK. After the winner is chosen, he or she will have 5 days to claim the prize. Please note that only correct entries posted to this blog post will be considered. Comments left on any of our other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do not qualify for the prize. Open to U.S. participants only.

*Prize is only one of the items found, linked and listed in the submitted post.


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How To Rock Lace Up Over The Knee Boots

Trend alert for the Fall season, these lace up over the knee boots! Instead of last year’s single sole heel boots, we encourage you to wear boots with beautiful whipstitch detailing! It instantly gives your Fall outfit an edgy vibe and it’s sure to grab attention from everyone. Here are a few ways to rock lace up over the knee boots.

Sassy Lace Up Over The Knee Heels

Gladiator Lace Up Heels -

Photo Credit:,

Suede lace up over the knee boots are just the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe. Pair it with your oversized dresses, it’ll definitely add sass to your whole ensemble. No need to break the bank, you can get the same gorgeous pair of heels at an affordable price.

Sporty Vibe With Lace Up Over The Knee Boots

Fergie Lace Up Heels -

Photo Credit:,

Fergie is strutting a cool chic style in her lace up over the knee boots. Sport a hip look by pairing it with an oversized mesh sporty top and a bold statement necklace. If Fergie were to sing about these lace up heels, she’s say that they’re G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. Get the same glamorous look with these nubuck lace up knee high gladiator heel boots for an affordable price!

Suede Lace Up Thigh High Boots 

Ciara Lace Up Boots -

Photo Credit:,

Looks like Ciara is Fall ready in her suede lace up over the knee boots. Follow Ciara and pair your suede lace up over the knee boots with another layer of suede for a sophisticated cozy look. Pair with a suede coat, cute suede skirt or a suede cropped top, you can’t go wrong with suede this Fall. Dance around for affordable lace up thigh high boots without making your wallet cry.

Now that you have some ideas on how to pair lace up over the knee boots, what are you waiting for? Fall is around the corner, get your pair right now and rock them!

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Concrete Jungle: Your 2015 Style Guide to the Urban Safari


Urban Safari Runway -

Photo Credit:

Upon hearing the word “safari” one might think of wide brimmed hats, khaki outerwear, and probably trekking shoes. However, what if I were to tell you that the safari trend has been reincarnated and it is awesome? In a big city, it is undoubtedly hard to stand out. How do you differentiate yourself in a sea of trend overload? The answer lies in contrasting with your environment. So, here is some good news to our city girls- The urban safari trend is here and is in full effect! This means earthy hues, suede, geometric patterns and peeks of animal and tribal prints.

Jungle Jump: Heeled Boots

Urban Safari Boots -

Photo Credit:

Next time you’re taking over the concrete jungle and looking for women’s high heel shoes, remember that heels do not have to come at the price of comfort! Leather heeled boots are one of the perfect components in achieving the urban safari look! Heeled ankle boots are the perfect option if you are looking for that rough and tumble vibe yet still want to elongate your legs and look put together. Pair your fashion forward boots with loose silky harem pants. This casual breezy silhouette screams effortlessly polished all over! With a tucked in collared blouse and topped with a skinny braided leather belt, this look is so classic that it is actually refreshing in 2015.

Urban Accents: Accessories

Urban Safari Accessories -

Photo Credit:

Pair your sleek or chunky boots with the perfect trendy fashion accessories such as classic leather belts, cute floppy hats, silky scarves, or earthy hued boho or crossbody bags. An outfit is just as good as its’ accessories! For a chic and vintage inspired safari ensemble, find scarves for women that are silky or have a bold animal print to tie around your neck!  Tie the scarf in a French twist knot to channel a look that is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

Safari Outerwear

Urban Safari Outerwear -

Photo Credit:

Outerwear is one of the most important components in the urban safari trend if not thee most important! For a casual yet feminine look, opt for an olive or khaki utility jacket paired with an animal print dress or skirt.  If you would prefer to take a more classic and somewhat more retro approach to this trend, perhaps opt for a suede trench dress. With a belt to cinch at the waist, this look will not only accentuate your figure but channel vintage safari glam on a whole other level.

However you decide to take on this crazy world or “safari”, don’t forget your resume, comfy shoes, city girl essentials, and of course your go-getter attitude!

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DIY: Fall Lips

Gorgeous fall lips will really bring your entire Fall ensemble together. Keep your lips up to date with all stunning Fall colors by creating a delicious homemade lip balm, lip stain, and lip scrub. Make it easier to apply those oxblood lipsticks to go with your classy fall outfits. Here are a couple of recipes to cook up affordable and natural fall lips.

Sweet Lip Balm

DIY Fall Lips Lip Balm -

Photo Credit:

When you’re going for a simply gorgeous monochromic outfit, keep it simple with a sweet lip balm. Fall lips need some loving and what better way than to add a little honey, shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, sweet white chocolate!

Berry Pretty Lip Stain

Fall Lips DIY Lip Stain - MakeMeChic.'com

Photo Credit:

On the Fall runway, we have seen some beautiful rich burgundy apparel. Experiment in making your own Fall inspired lip stain to go with your favorite cozy burgundy sweater. Doesn’t take much ingredients to make this lip stain. All you’ll need is vegetable glycerin and beets. Stay upbeet with trendy berry lips!

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Lip Scrub

DIY Fall Lips Lip Scrub -

Photo Credit:

Chapped lips are a texture we all don’t want this Fall or ever. Treat them with a feel good lip scrub so all eyes go to your cute chunky cashmere knit sweater and not your chapped lips. To keep nice fall lips, exfoliate your lips with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, and 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice.

They’re the perfect size to carry around in your bag or even your jacket pocket. Come together with your friends and family in creating these simple fun DIY fall lips. They’re affordable, natural, and tasty so create one for a fellow fashionista friend.

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Tie Dye For: Tie Dye Resort Wear

Tie Dye Runway -

Photo Credit:

Who remembers every July as a kid sitting at the edge of your seat just waiting for the days you would be able to say goodbye boredom and hello sleep-away camp? This meant not only campfires, s’mores, and new friends, but arts and crafts! One of the most well known and not to mention fun activities was making your own tie dye shirt! Trendy women’s dresses are not something you probably thought would be within the same realm as summer camp but your favorite summer activity has just been reborn. This nostalgic article of clothing is back from your childhood and has seeped into almost all facets of new clothing arrivals in stores everywhere.

Tie Dye

Photo Credit:

Breezy Tie Dye Rompers

Tie dye fashion is back and is taking over the runways and celebrity wardrobes everywhere! This youthful trend is still what you once loved but now it is a little more grown up. Resort and vacation wear inspired, this trend is a summer essential to every girl’s wardrobe. Think tie dye rompers, dresses and even pants! For a nighttime look, and a little more coverage, pair your breezy romper with knee high suede boots. This combo creates a rustic bohemian look. With loose curls, this pairing is sure to be a winner. Alternatively, for a day time look, pair your romper or jumpsuit with gladiator inspired shoes for a down to earth, effortless look. Paired with boho chic braids, no other look says beach chillin’ more than this one! Keep your makeup light and wispy as you would definitely want your tie dye frock to take center stage! With a little concealer, mascara and a nude/light pink lip, you’re ready to take the fashion scene by storm. We know you love the colorful splashes of 70s-inspired-Woodstock brights but give the subdued light palette a chance! Think white, light blues and pastel hues. You definitely still get your splash of color but now just in an elevated and sophisticated way.

Tie Dye Dress -

Photo Credit:

No Fuss Tie Dye Dresses

One of the easiest ways you can bring this trend back is with tie dye dresses. A perk of wearing dresses is that it is essentially all one step! No fuss with worrying what top would pair well with what bottom. Not to mention that dresses are probably one of the most comfortable articles of clothing ever! (Perks of being a girl!) For a feminine yet relaxed ensemble, go for a dress with cut outs! It shows just enough skin but still doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Paired with shoes that have a bit more coverage, it creates a balanced and fashion forward ensemble. Or if you’re feeling even more daring- pair your tie dye dresses with pumps! Pumps make every outfit instantly polished and elegant. No matter how you decide to rock the tie dye look this season, you will definitely be looking flirty, fun, and fabulous!

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Trendy Round Sunglasses: Round Them Up

Round em up! Round sunglasses are trending big with our celebrities. Round frames have many styles to offer to go with different face shapes.  Here are a few of our stars’ fabulous round shades along with our favorite round shades styles for less!

Cara Delevingne Round Shades

Cara Round Sunglasses -

Photo Credit:,,

Cara Delevinge is taking on the spotlight in these popular round sunglasses! Her round cat eyed shades definitely add onto her cool edge. Don’t worry if you have a round face because angular round frames will help give the shape that you need to pull off this hip look. Our arrow shaped round sunglasses and cat eyed metal cutout sunglasses also give the same edgy vibe, but are affordable!

Eva Mendes Baroque Sunglasses

Eva Baroque Sunglasses -

Photo Credit:,,

Check out Eva Mendes in her fashionable oversized baroque sunglasses. Loving the stylish swirly action going on the side of her frames. But hey, no need to go baroque when you have affordable floral print round sunglasses!

Beyonce Knowles’ Round Sunglasses

Beyonce Round Sunglasses -

Photo Credit:

Let’s say hello to Beyonce Knowles’ unique round frames! Seems like she’s letting her fierce alter ego Sasha Fierce take over her wardrobe today, and we love it! The thick frames and gold accent on the sides of her round sunglasses are daring and gorgeous!

Mix and match your favorite round sunglasses with your fall apparel! So, which one will you try?

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