Put the Cool in Culottes!

As NYFW, MFW, and PFW hottest trend, culottes have had a burgeoning hit this past year! These styled pants are typically midi length and cut to look like a skirt. So basically, the cuteness of a skirt, but without the worry of one! The tricky part to wearing a pair of these trendy items is to make sure that it works for your frame. Too long and it’ll look more like palazzo pants, too much fabric and it won’t look like pants at all! But, once done well, it’ll leave others breathless.

striped culottes

Culottes can very easily be worn to a formal event. Heels and a sequin crop top will take you all the way there, and the fabric can really make a difference between casual day to eye-catching day in a heartbeat.

denim culottes

A soft denim look can still look edgy when paired with a high neck crop top and killer heels.

city culottes

Take it to the office and back with well cut, black culotte pants. Because it is typically midi length, any kind of ankle cuff footwear would look downright adorable when paired together.

short culottes

This smart little outfit is so cute! It has such a Parisian influence from its white blouse, to crisp culottes, and sneakers. Short culottes can make for a great casual outfit.

gray culottes

This is what I call the perfect mix of feminine and masculine. You’ve got your romantic flow going from the tip of her toes to the soft culottes, and the bad gal style leather jacket on top. Not too feminine nor too masculine, but the perfect combination to make for an empowering looking woman!

Stylish Backpacks For Every Occasion

Backpacks for Every Occasion

How to rock casual styles

Credit: framboisefashion

The days when backpacks were only limited to practical—and often boring—uses are long gone! Backpacks are a great way to change up your daily look, without trying too hard. In fact, these handy bags are better for your posture than typical handbags and give you plenty of room to carry your essentials and then some. Check out our 3 ways to style a backpack and you’ll be ready to revisit this childhood classic.

Chambray School Day

Back To School Outfit Ideas

Credit: Neon Fox

You’re getting ready to go to school and have no idea what to wear with your favorite new midi skirt. Try on a casual graphic tee and accessorize with a chambray backpack for a laid-back Monday. A denim backpack gives you an effortlessly chic look. Slip on a pair of casual sneakers and you’ll be ready to sit through classes feeling comfortable and stylish. If you’re feeling a little bolder, try denim on denim by throwing on a matching denim jacket. You can also choose a brightly toned backpack for a pop of color! You’ll definitely make people do a double-take.

Patterned Paradise

Patterned Backpack for Spring

Credit: Stylescrapbook

Another way you can style your backpack is to use it as an overnight bag or a day trip. Say you’re going over to a friend’s house for a sleepover or heading on a short trek through the city; you want to carry something that is the perfect size to fit everything you need. Try out an oversized patterned backpack to add some flair to your ensemble. A printed backpack adds a fun pop of color that gives this throwback accessory a cool twist. Throw on a floral print dress for a high impact look or keep things subtle with a slouchy top and some black tights with knee high boots; you will look pulled together without being uncomfortable.

Casual Date

Leather Backpack Outfit Ideas

Credit: Maryorton

One rather exceptional use for styling your backpack would be on a casual date. Depending on what you do, bringing along a small leather backpack with some unique detailing would be a cute accessory and the perfect finish to an outfit. As spring approaches, a great outfit to go with your backpack would be a pleated skirt paired with a crop top and cardigan. Throw on some ankle booties for a no-hassle look or neutral heels that acts as the perfect complement to your backpack. To add some color, try out a soft pastel backpack for a feminine look or a brighter tone for a bold look.

What are some other ways you would style a backpack?

Feeling the Thigh Highs & The OTK Boots

For those days that there’s a slight chill in the air, or when really, it’s just not hot enough to run around in heels, OTK boots are to die for. They add such a different dimension to the overall look, most times, they have to be the centerpiece. And when done well, it creates such a killer and unforgettable look! I’ll admit, the differences between thigh high boots and OTK boots are really a matter of inches, so I’ve pieced them together because in the end, it does create a similar effect.

Skirt Up, Hands Down!leatherette OTK boots with skirtleatherette otk boots

Mini skirts or mini dresses go together with otk boots like cookies and cream. If it’s a cold day, both the skirt and boots give you enough coverage to keep it from being too chilly, but shows just enough skin (and high enough) to give you look an overall edge.

The Strappy Cutout Caged OTK Boots

strappy cutout OTK boots

For summer or spring days where you don’t need necessarily need that extra coverage, the strappy cutout caged otk boots gives you not only airflow, but also a dynamic and exciting look because of the many contrasts it is able to provide between your skin and the boots.

Tight Fitted Denim Jeans & OTK Boots

otk boots with jeans

Interestingly enough, wearing tight fitted jeans with otk boots creates a slimming and sexy look. Mostly because it gives an implication of things being skin tight that it even feels very sleek.

Lace Me Up & Take Me to the Ball Park

lace up otk boots

mesh otk boots

There’s no striking out in these two laced up otk boots looks! Whether it’s suede laced up otk boots or mesh laced up otk boots, it certainly has a lingerie inspired feel.

Valentine’s Day – The Long & Lovely Lace Dress

Valentine’s Day could be like any other date night, but that’s not a good enough reason to settle. If you’re going to go out, you might as well go out with a bang! Even if it’s a simple night in, or you have no clue to where your date might be taking you…a long lace dress won’t steer you wrong. Check out some of these beauties and get some inspiration to really stun and awe your lucky date!

Play Me Neutrallove and lemons lace dress

While neutral colors have a tendency to not stand out, ones artfully and well done are the ones you can’t take your eyes off. This number really knows how to play peek a boo! My favorite part? You can wear some really pretty foot wear and know that it’ll get noticed. Most maxi dresses only do a good job of hiding your heels or getting caught on them.

crop top and midi set

So while this is more of a crop top and midi set than a dress, it still hits all the finer points that a dress would! Typically, you have to be careful with a damask print on any fabric because it is very easy for it to be overwhelming. But, done on a neutral background, the pattern is nothing short of striking!

sheer lace dress

This is definitely more on the risque side! But hey, if you look this good, why doubt whether or not you can pull it off? It’s lingerie inspired, but it’s definitely not a piece you want to hide away.

Color Pop!Lemon Lace dress

Bright colors are all the rage this year, and we can certainly see why! It’s new, it’s different, and it’s refreshing. Similar dresses have the same idea, play it neutral, and when not, make it stand out!

love and lemons lace dress

Lady in red never goes out of style, especially when it’s been cut in such a neat and fantastic way! The overlay really just adds a touch of magic and the design is not meant for the weary.

floral maxi lace dress

If you wanted to go for a more sultry, romantic feel, this sheer lace dress is the very essence of that. It has a very short underlining, but a long, decorated mesh overlay that makes this lace dress downright spectacular. And of course, topped off with a fancy faux fur coat just keeps bumping the level of elegance ever higher.


The Little Lace Dress – Valentine’s Day, The Short Edition

Think of all the frills, the lace, the appliques, and think about all the sheer fun you have when dressing up for that all hearts and hugs Valentine’s day date. I mean, half the fun is always dressing up isn’t it? Check out the “short” little lace dress edition, and gather some steamy ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Black & White Ballblack lace dress

The classic, and therefore, never out of style colors of black & white. The first lace dress is the powerful and striking kind, one that implicates I don’t ask for attention, I just take it. Such an interesting concept for such a dainty and delicate material no? Keep the look engaging by paring with sheer tights!

white lace dress

White is the color of the innocent, the girly, and lovely and delicate. It is also a great way to contrast everything about you! Dainty white dress? Try some smoldering eye shadow, some fantastic cherry red lipstick, or even better, killer heels.

fancy lace dress

Oh la la! Get lost in the details, and have an overall glamorous look when going for a fantastic applique lace dress. Fall in love in between the details, and sway along with the motions. Wearing a pretty lace dress can really make you move in ways you wouldn’t in jeans and a tee shirt.

The Bad Bad Looking Good Goodlace dress and leather

Just because the lace dress has been around for forever and a half doesn’t mean it needs to be worn conventionally. If you know there’s a bad ass inside you that still wants to rock the truly feminine look, then hey, add your own touches and don’t look back. The centerpiece can be a lace dress, and all you have to do is accessorize with some leather touches!

Pretty in PastelLight pastel lace dress

While pastels may have a tendency to float towards a neutral color palette, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a bombshell for greatness! Especially in light, spring colors, the little lace dress plays and flirts with femininity and hugs its every curve. Play up the sheer lace by looking for dress with interesting underlying lining, or fun cutouts and trimmings!

pastel lace dress

No one said florals always had to be dainty, especially with new contemporary favorite! This style of flowers opts for the chunky and blocky, but it pieces together so well and so artfully, that instead of feeling slapped together, the pastel helps the pattern get cohesively together. for love and lemons lace dressIf you’re a bird, I’m a bird. Fly free with some delightful faux fur jacket accents, it’s amazing how well it meshes together with a neutral colored lace dress. Maybe because both elements have a touch of glamour to it, maybe it’s the girl wearing it. If you’re going to wear a lace dress, if there’s one thing you can’t go without, it’s confidence. Wear it proud and wear it loud!

Carefree in Distressed Denim Jeans

The glory behind the distressed denim jeans is that no matter the occasion, this cut style is edgy enough to get you through any door. You can rock them casually or pair it with a blazer and still have an overall sassy chic look! Give your old, lifeless denim a kick and for get ready for warmer temperatures in distressed denim jeans.

Crop Top (or No Top)distressed denim jeans and crop top

Make a statement with a simple crop top or killer neon heelsdistressed denim and blazer

Boots & a blazer with a decorative bib necklace? Definitely one way to compete with the heat!

Casual Sundaysdistressed denim and sneakers

 One of the best reasons to wear distressed denim jeans is not only the way it looks on you, but also the way it can make you feel. Comfy, cozy, easy, breezy? These jeans will handle it all.

distressed denim and tshirt

Of course, you can always doll your distressed denim jeans with your favorite pair of strappy, Valentino heels and accessorize with a complimentary hand bag!

Classing it Updistressed denim and ankle boots

Even if these pants are distressed denim, does not mean you can not have an overall clean cut look. Having fitted jeans, cuffed neatly can quickly make a look go from comfy casual to eye catching. This is a simple but bold palette and it’s a look that just can’t go wrong!

distressed denim jeans with blazer

Of course, another way to take up 100 levels, is to add a lovely cape blazer and high heel pumps! Again, cuffing the distressed denim makes for a neat and edgy look and the accessories you choose to go with it really determines the mood of these jeans too. Turn up the denim collection and don’t forget to grab a pair of the saucy distressed denim jeans!

Spring Fashion Trends Forecast

Spring Fashion Trends

While winter is still on our doorstep, we are thrilled for the coming warmth and beauty of spring. We are simply hopping over the spring fashion trends that 2015 has in store! Take a sneak peek of what’s hot and get some inspiration for what to wear when warmer weather hits.

Flower Power

Floral Maxi Dresses

Credit : Grasie Mercedes

Catch spring fever when you browse through our flower shop! We’re bringing back the ever popular floral print this spring with a cool new twist. Floral designs are interspersed with varying textures such as lace and glitter. Tropical prints are also a nice way to kick back for the springtime; they radiate vacation getaway. These delightful designs are springing up everywhere, from clothing to accessories and shoes. A personal favorite of mine, floral prints are the embodiment of spring; they display a youthful and energizing vibe. If you want to freshen up your wardrobe, go ahead and add some colorful florals.

Watch Me Go

Bracelet watch accessories

Credit: Wendy Nguyen (Wendylookbook)


One great way to revitalize your wardrobe is to wear a variety of colors. That means you need to find new accessories that play with colors and cool designs; the best ones are eye-catching and fun! Throwing on a couple of cute accessories will definitely make a statement at your next rendezvous with your pals. One trend that is gaining popularity is over-the-top arm candy. That’s right! Pairing your favorite bracelets and bangles with a watch is a great way to celebrate spring fever in style. Who knew this combination would be so popular? Gain some style inspiration by thinking of the colors of the rainbow.

Casual Dress

How to wear shirtdresses

Credit: Atlantic-Pacific

While fall and winter was all about playing with soft pastels, spring will bring bolder hues, including multiple shades of blue, mustard, red and mint. Finding new clothing that brings you confidence and makes you feel happy is most important. We love the cool and casual style of shirtdresses for spring. These just scream effortlessly sexy with a sharp collar and button up design. They’re even better in denim! Pair these with some over the knee socks and booties while it’s still chilly and switch these out for some sandals or wedges when spring is in full gear. Another popular design is the graphic dress. Fun and a little flirty, wearing a graphic dress is a great way to play up your casual wear with words that tell people about your mood or personality. Go ahead and try it! We promise you’ll have a blast.

Take on the new season with bold colors, prints and accessories! What are some spring fashion trends that you are excited to try out?

Red Carpet Favorites at the Golden Globes 2015 Awards

We don’t know about you, but last night we were absolutely swooning over the Red Carpet walk. From evening gowns to glorious jumpsuits, this has to be our favorite event yet. Check out our favorites from the Golden Globes event!

The Simple & ElegantSelena Gomez Golden Globes 2015Cara Delevingne Golden Globes 2015Julia Goldani Telles Golden Globes 2015

Sometimes you don’t need the frills and ruffles to look absolutely stunning. Sometimes, an evening maxi dress will be all you need to be simply breath taking. Get a plunging neckline or some spicy cutouts to really give your look a kick, but all in all, all you really need is some gorgeous red lipstick.

Give Me Color!Lupita N'yongo Golden Globes 2015Anna Kendrick Golden Globes 2015Kerry Washington Golden Globes 2015

Here are some great examples of playing up a color palette. Putting a bright, exciting color on a nude palette is one way to make colors pop. And of course, if you’ve got that natural tan going on, then by all means, play with colors to your heart’s content by complementing it. Kerry Washington definitely made for an extremely sweet look by going for a gentle pink and purple maxi dress and some color blocked heels.

The Perfect Pant Suit

Emma Stone Golden Globes 2015Ellen Degeneres Golden Globe 2015

Get truly comfortable in a jumpsuit or tailored pant suit! Emma Stone definitely knows how to dress up a jumpsuit by having an all sequin top with a sassy side bow! And of course, Ellen DeGeneres knows how to steal the spotlight with her off white pant suit contrast.

Give Me Glamor!Jennifer Lopez Golden Globes 2015

Nina Dobrev Golden Globes 2015Alessandra Ambrosio Golden Globes 2015Chrissy Teigen Golden Globes 2015

The best part of the Red Carpet is knowing that there’s no such thing as “too much”. These ladies stole our hearts and left us breathless! Give a little, get a lot, and by showing us a little, we sure wanted more! Especially with lace being the hottest trend 2015 has seen yet, you can certainly see why.

Name This Dress Blog Contest!

name this dress contest


We brought it back! Why? Because the entries we got last time were amazing! Give it a twirl and you just might win a $50 giftcard! How to Play:

1. Name this dress!

2. Post in Comment Section Below. Please include your email!

3. Cross your fingers and hope you came up with the best name!

Multiple entries welcomed. Comments will be HIDDEN to keep others from copying your answer!

Contest rules : One winner will be chosen on Wednesday, January  14, 2015. You have until Tuesday, January 13, 11:59PM. to enter. Please leave a valid email address. We will announce our winner via FACEBOOK on the morning of Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 by 10AM PST. After the winner is chosen, he or she will have 5 days to claim the prize. Please note that only correct entries posted to this blog post will be considered. Comments left on any of our other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do not qualify for the prize. Multiple entries welcomed. 

*Prize is only the $50 gift card, prize does not include the item being named.


Contest is now closed. Submissions are no longer taken. Be sure to check back regularly to enter for new contest!

Winter Vacation Travel Guide

Winter Vacation Travel Guide

Winter has arrived and it’s time to finally sit back and relax; it is also a great time to plan for a winter vacation. So whether you decide to hit the slopes or venture somewhere far, we’ve got everything you need to stay warm and toasty despite the outside chill.


Winter Essential Pieces

For those of you ski bunnies, you’ll need some heavy duty outerwear to keep you warm—and stylish—as you’re skiing down the slopes.  The key factor to remember is to find pieces that not only fight the cold temperature, but that can also be layered atop one another. After all, this winter sport is going to get you pumped and sweaty; you’ll definitely need clothing that you can remove if it becomes damp or if you’re feeling too hot. Great tops you can consider wearing are long sleeve tops or thin sweaters that you can pair with an oversized, waterproof jacket to keep you dry. If you’re traveling to any other place with a freezing climate, thermals will be your best friend. They will trap in your body heat, keeping you nice and warm.


outerwear street styles

Credit: Matteo Volta

Tall boots are a must-have this time of year. They are great for keeping your socks dry and helping you beat the winter chill. Finding one with some structure will give you a more pulled-together look. Knee high equestrian boots are great for their structure and timeless appeal; find one with a buckle for extra zing. If you aren’t into high boots, you can always go for a classic ankle boot because they compliment almost every type of body frame. You can definitely dress them up or down depending on the type of ankle boot you choose.


Must have winter accessories

Credit: Darya Kamalova

Don’t forget those essential winter accessories when you pack for cold weather. These include items such as mittens, scarves, socks and beanies. Cold wind is definitely harsh on your skin, so mittens will go a long way in keeping your hands warm and battling against dryness. There are so many different types of mittens that vary in length and design so take your pick! Fingerless mittens are also a good option because they will provide warmth but still allow you to use your phone or do other tasks that regular mittens will not.

Scarves are perfect for layering over your sweaters and can serve as a decorative piece if it has a printed pattern. Pack lots of socks because you can always layer them or change them if they become damp from rain or snow. Knee high socks and over the knee socks are best for cold weather since they cover more skin; you can always wear them over tights for that snug feeling. Beanies are useful travel items because you can just stick one in your handbag and put it on whenever you need. They are also great for those bad hair days because you can always tuck your hair into a slouchy beanie and you’re good to go!


Make sure to check these items off your list when you go on your winter vacation! What are some of your winter travel essentials?