Dare to Bare?

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If you were contemplating when to start hitting up the gym to prepare to bare all for the sumer, the time is now. If we can predict anything about women’s clothing and its fashion, what we can always rely on are the trends celebrities choose to don right before the styles hit the major stores for all of us to get our little hands on!

Whether they are patterned, solid print, or our beloved new style of color blocking, we are sure that baring your midriff with a crop top and a knee length skirt to match is the sweetest trend for our warmer seasons stewing up! Celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Leona Lewis have bared their fit waistlines on the red carpet at premieres and events pairing them up with sexy and sweet styles of high heels to give a modern twist to the typical women’s dresses.

This spring has shown us so far that the mini-skirts and short women’s dresses are taking the backstage to the demure, throwback to earlier times, knee length skirts and dresses that have more of a conservative high-fashion edge. Whether it’s a pencil skirt or a flared skirt, what’s more eye-catching and what keeps things fresh, is the crop top that comes with the cap sleeves or the tank top straps.

Women’s clothing is ever evolving and we can really learn to appreciate its decadence and its fusing of two different time periods of fashion into one thus creating a look that is still unique but familiar to the fashion veterans in the industry.

Many of these crop top and skirt combinations come together as a patterned pair that is alike in color and texture. Alexa Chung who has become quite the fashion icon showed us how to rock a royal blue paisley print crop top and full flared skirt with solid black round toe high heels. When wearing blue, you can never go wrong pairing it with a pair of black heels, and Alexa Chung proves us right by looking so sweet and sassy in this outfit that is quite simple to piece together.

On the flipside, singer Leona Lewis gave us a hip twist on this feminine ensemble by color blocking a hot pink pencil skirt with a neon green-yellow cropped tank top. It doesn’t hurt to have an amazing summer tan to complement wearing such bright and vibrant colors in combo, so it’s no wonder Leona nailed this look on the red carpet as she wore suede nude peep toe high heels to keep the eyes on the outfit, as if we would look elsewhere!

By: Jessica Lee

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