Lengthy & Lovely Limbs!

In light of all the award shows that have been streaming lately, we have to take a time out and highlight a trend that has been around for a little bit that I feel has been unnoticed by most. The genius designers who have taken into mind to do something different and more mod with women’s dresses have done us all a favor by bringing to our hangers a new kind of gown: long sleeved!

Now before we jump the gun and judge these gowns for its coverage, we have to also note, that the elegance and quiet statement that a long sleeved women’s dress makes is beautifully balanced by the cut of the dress that also amount to a sexy split boasting your pretty stems. Sometimes, when there are so many obvious qualities of a dress going on, it’s not so fun anymore. That’s how I can appreciate the evolution of women’s apparel and its constant drive for something more.

Who better than fashionistas Vanessa Hudgens and America’s sweetheart Rachel McAdams to bring this new tide in women’s apparel coming our way with their gowns donning a long sleeve! Whether you’re going out in the day time or night time, a long sleeved dress is such a new yet vintage twist on a women’s dress, and it’s definitely an excellent way to keep your silhouette uniform and gorgeously enwrapped in the luxurious material of your dress. The arms can symbolize so much about a women but either a snug fit that goes all the way down to your wrists, a loose Bohemian style billowing of material or a classy three-quarters sleeve, a sleeve is no longer a thing to shun away from a dress style.

One of m favorite looks was worn by Vanessa Hudgens who wore a black kimono-style gown that wraps around the waistline with a tie and with poofed sleeves that cinch at the wrist. A heavy slit in the dress that peeks all the way up to her thigh is a sexy twist on this quiet yet glamorous gown. Paired with nude high heel pumps with some sparkle at the anklet attached, and we have a Hollywood-certified look for the evening affairs.

But my favorite of the three has to be Brooklyn Deckers, Sports Illustrated’s cover model turned actress in a chic long pink Michael Kors collection piece with a snug mod fit even on a dress that reaches below the knees. Perhaps it’s the right tan and a fresh face that make all the difference with this shade of pink, but Brooklyn’s look made me do a double-take and consider whether or not this dress just might be the cutest thing to hit pink in a long time. Again with the sexy slit, you really don’t have to worry about being too conservative with covered up arms, and with the right pair of high heel pumps to match your long lean legs showing through, you could be covered up to a turtleneck- it wouldn’t matter because it’d look that good!

By: Jessica Lee

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