Peek-a-Boo Boots!

What is the one shoe we women cannot get enough of? Yes! It is the women’s ankle boots! Not only are they a huge hit in the high-end fashion world, but also their popularity has permeated into the streets, and definitely into our closets and hearts. There is nothing like the ankle boots and I honestly can’t get enough of them. So it’s no wonder that designers have taken notice of the demand, and started with new variations of the beloved shoe to create another avenue for us to shop for and style our outfits with!

Now, the trends we have been seeing lately are the women’s ankle boots with a closed toe. This is great for the Fall and Winter with its closed off toe looking like it’s ready to battle the cold weather. But take a step outside that box for a second and consider the new women’s ankle boots with the cute peep toe effect!

This photo of actress Jessica Alba in a pair of black ankle boots with a peep toe is the perfect way to style such an outfit with those ankle boots. The peep toe of the ankle boot gives you more liberty to use flirty fabrics and a lighter mood to your outfit. Any chiffon dress, whether it’s patterned or a solid color, would go fabulously with the peep toe ankle boot.

The peep toe ankle boot is rather inviting of any chic clothing that is able to go well with a sturdy looking boot that cuffs off at the ankle. Consider even a pair of cuffed shorts, whether they’re casual or more dressy, with a pair of peep toe ankle boots to go. The little peek a boo affect of the toes will give your look a bit of air and break up the solidity of the ankle boot.

My favorite outfit seen with these peep toe ankle boots in the streets, is worn by a model who paired her peep toe ankle boots with a pair of boyfriend shorts and a simple striped sweater. A cross body bag to accessorize up the outfit, she completes the look so simply. You don’t necessarily need to match your colors, but I can see how chic black ankle boots with a peep toe would go with an all black outfit.

I’m so grateful for variations of a shoe that is fabulous on its own as well. This gives us more options to wear our favorite look in more than one way, and gives way for more favorites to come. Take note of these peep toe ankle boots and the details that come along with it by various designers. Find your favorite pair of peep toe ankle boots and snag them now to wear all year long.

By: Jessica Lee

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