Plum Perfect in Purple!

Of all the colors in the rainbow, none other than purple has captured my heart in the head of color blocking! The rich shade of violet purple has popped up in trendy women’s clothing in the form of pants! Street style and some of fashion’s top notch fashionistas have debuted their own style of this new fad in an effortless way that’ll have you scouring the stores for your very own pair.

Purple is not a popular color to wear on your bottom, but more so than ever, I’m seeing just how easy it is to throw together some of the cutest every-day outfits! One of the most memorable eye-catching ways I saw it being placed in an ensemble, has to be with an acid washed motor-style jacket, a polka dot top and black women’s sandals. Harem pants in a purple shade give you a nice little throwback to the 80’s while giving you plenty of purple to soak in while maintaining a fun silhouette with the shape the harem pants give you.

Trendy women’s clothing doesn’t always have to be plucked from the runways or department stores. Take any trend that you see happening now, or formulate your own and rise against the tides of the fashion world, and see what styles suit your mood for that given day. Pants come in all shapes and styles, and choosing them is more than half the fun. But trying them in a punchy shade like purple takes your creative levels one notch higher as you delight in finding the perfect pair of women’s sandals to match with your textured pants.

One of my favorite ways to wear purple pants though, has to be in the form of skinny jeans. Honestly, some say that skinny jeans are something we need to put way behind us at this point (as flares are making its comeback!). But I still hang on to mine, and especially the ones that tighten up real nice at the ankle with a cute zipper too. Take a pair of darkened purple skinny jeans and pair it with anything black on top. Anything meaning, literally anything from a black sweater to your boyfriend’s black t-shirt. Rock the black with the purple skinny jeans and throw on your favorite pair of black ankle boots and there you have it! Your perfect night time casual but purposeful purple outfit.

It’s hard to go wrong when combining two of the spectrum’s hottest dark shades and especially when pairing it with some black ankle boots with a cute heel. Whether you have dark or light features, the combination of these two colors will forever be flattering to those who want to play with it. Be bold and daring! And most importantly, have fun while styling!

By: Jessica Lee

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