What Baby?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m beginning to think there’s a conspiracy going about Hollywood. Even if a celebrity has their own reality TV show, if a female celebrity becomes pregnant, it doesn’t matter- 2 weeks after the child is born, their body transforms into their pre-natal selves. I am so confused! Even if there are personal trainers and lifestyle specialists that follow these ladies around the globe to maintain their image and body, I still gawk at pictures and ask myself, “How in the world do they do that??”

This week, a picture surfaced of the most popular new celebrity mom Beyoncè at an after party for her hubby Jay Z’s concert showing her in a ruched salmon dress with her mother posing with a gold clutch, hair and makeup looking immaculate, and of course, no sign of baby or post-baby bod.

In all honesty, you’d think, if anyone can do it, Beyoncè can do it. After all, her latest album stressed how women can really run the world and look fabulous while doing it. I can’t picture her doing one task at a time so I imagine her busy-ness attributes to her fit form.

So go ahead and do the once-over with this amazing picture and you can do the jaw drop and then quietly clap at our computer screen and give props where they are due.

By: Jessica Lee

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