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Trendy and fashion-forward shoes keep the woman of today stylish. While celebrities flash their expensive designer clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes, real women know that comfort and affordability will come first in their everyday life. That’s when Qupid Shoes make a grand entrance in every woman’s ensemble.

For nearly 30 years, the Qupid brand has been providing trend-setting shoes for women all around the globe. Their designs just keep on evolving which makes it easy for women to own a pair that’s “in” for the season. In addition, the brand also maintains some classic pairs while adding a bit of character to make it more “Qupid”. For something affordable, functional and at the same time stylish, a pair of Qupid Boots will give your fall fashion an instant upgrade. Try on these suede Relax-01x Buckle Riding Boots when you wear jeans or tights. And when the weather becomes bitter cold, there’s something to warm you up in a pair of Rascal-04 Button Knitted Fur Boots.

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When there’s a pair of boots, there should also be at least a couple of pairs of heels in a woman’s closet. A staple in every wardrobe, make it a point to include Qupid Heels in your daily selection for office attire or evening ensemble for a date with your beau. Look sexy in your pinstripe suit with a pair of Qupid Interest-10 Ankle Strap Heels and then turn the night into something ravishing in this pair of Interest-80 Metallic Strappy Heels. Don’t forget to wear that sexy red bodycon dress with your goddess heels. Whether you want a stiletto finish or a chunky statement, Qupid designs heels that work for your style and comfort.

Ditching the heels for the weekend? Sure you can! You don’t always have to wear those killer heels just to look presentably feminine. A pair of Qupid Wedges will work on you like magic for those days that are a bit more laid back. Dress up in your favorite knee-length or maxi dress then pair these Florence-34 Woven Strappy Wedges. And when the sun goes down, wear your nicest party outfit with Qupid booties. Not sure what to pair them with? How about some faux leather leggings, a flowy chiffon top, and these gorgeous Finder-156 Cross Studded Wedge Booties that are really show-stopping.

Qupid caters to every woman’s needs. For women who like it simple and practical, Qupid sandals make it easy for a woman to slip on a pair for some quick bite around town. And when it’s time to call it a day at work, remember to pack your trust Qupid flats to give your feet a much-desired rest. Hailing a cab or riding the subway will be much easier if your feet are totally comfortable.

Go as elegant or as flashy as you want during formal events with a pair of Qupid Pumps. A black number with Tatum-01 Suede Platform Pumps will make you look elegant, as if you’re wearing red carpet-worthy shoes in Cannes Film Festival. How about the Billboard Music Awards? You can look fun and flirty with a pair of Qupid Sanity-04 Floral Ankle Strap Pumps in your hottest pink dress.

Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated in Qupid High Heels or rebellious and edgy in Qupid Combat Boots, remember that you’ll be in love for days with something Qupid. Find affordable shoes, pumps, high heels, boots, flats and sandals from Qupid here at MakeMeChic.com. We carry various designs, sizes as well as colors to match your every outfit.

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