Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct

Go Wild with Leopard Print Shoes and Leopard Print Clothing

Sexy, hot and fierce – that’s the look of a today’s wild and stylish babe. Confidently, showing off her beautiful bod in a sexy leopard print dress and unleashing her untamed animal instinct fashion. Make your roar sound extra seductive when you complete you body enhancing leopard print dresses with the season’s hottest leopard print heels found at We carry wild, yet very flattering selections of many of your runway favorites in leopard print fashion and hot new trends in leopard print shoes, and of course you can’t go through your fashion life without sporting the must-have leopard print booties. Get the look! Pair your new leopard print heels or booties with our best-selling jumpsuit, crop top, skirts, pants, bikinis, or the perfect leopard print clutch. Then complete your wild animal-inspired look with the coolest sunglasses of the season. Whatever stylish piece you can think of, expect to have them perfectly designed in the most eye-catching leopard print clothing styles as featured in many of today’s top fashion magazines. These new leopard print fashion were inspired by top designers and loved by celebs. Unlike Snooki, you may look wild, but you have everything under control, fashion-wise that is!

Our leopard print shoes are wild-looking enough to make a bold stand in the crazy jungle life of the city. For a daring fashion sense, opt for sexy strappy heels, chunky heels or ankle strap pumpsin leopard print patterns. For added variety, our animal print shoes are also printed in zebra, tiger, cheetah, and snakeskin patterns.

Great Leopard Print Clothing and Dresses

A leopard printed dress is a must-have nowadays for all girls with any sense of style that it has become one of the most sought after outfit to keep ready in your wardrobe if you want to turn heads and “bring it” to the next exclusive party. For a variety of leopard print clothing in your daily life, choose a long sleeve leopard print top and pair it with a skinny black slack or pencil skirt for a fun and polished Friday office attire. A tiger print chiffon sweater purrs your way into the cold season while leopard print track pants are fantastic to wear when you’re doing a hip-hop routine in dance class.

While most people think leopard prints are made mainly for older yet confident and stylish women, today’s chic young ladies and teens can take advantage of a fun and flirty way to wear animal prints in a leopard printed bikini top and bottom. Play volleyball or ultimate frisbee at the beach in a hot pink or lime yellow leopard-inspired design.

You can accessorize your formal evening look with a leopard print clutch. This bold pattern makes a standing ovation in gatherings and jazzes up your entire look, especially when you’re just wearing a plain black dress. Today’s fashion is not just about classic pieces. Once in a while, you also need to create a statement look so you won’t get left behind.

Leopard print fashion surely has come a long way. Even younger women can don a crop top and midi skirt with an ombre effect without adding years to her look. Don’t just cover up in leopard skin but expose a little bit of your shoulders or back to reveal your wild side. If that’s not your style, opt to look polished in an organza skirt or relieve hippie fashion in stretchy flared pants.

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