Women’s Flats - Loafers, Strappy Flats & Embellished Shoes

Shopping for a pair of flats shoes is easy. Just drop by at Make Me Chic online to browse new arrivals in ladies flats shoes and view fantastic choices that look stylish with every garment. As easy as picking out your apparel for the day, a few seconds is all you need to select a trendy pair that can take your simple comfy requirement straight to chic unbeatable style. Easily slip on a pair of womens loafers when you need to run some errands. When it’s summer, Bamboo Saturday-08 Denim Loafers will look great on a pair of white shorts. These denim loafers have stitching details and woven bottom for a relaxed, beach vibe.

The trendiest Strappy Flats & Loafers are available at MMC!

Getting to the next location shoot? The work of a fashion stylist or production manager seems endless and you need to be on-the-go. Womens flats are therefore your best practical shoes to wear. For added comfort while you’re running around and making calls, a style like the Qupid Strip-27 Velvet Penny Loafers is perfect for any outfit. Wear this pair with shorts, jeans or skirt. These women’s loafers are made with velvet material so you’ll always look polished in every scene.

Of course, wearing comfortable and stylish shoes is what you’ll wear if you go out shopping with friends or when you brave long lines at a theme park. Not every woman likes sporting the street appeal of sneakers so if you’re a woman who likes looking feminine all the time, strappy flats will be your perfect go-to footwear. Those Julia-68 Pointy Toe Strappy Flats are chic and at the same time, they can make any simple ensemble fashionable. Go for pastel colors for some girly inspiration.

Womens flats shoes are no longer your ordinary, basic shoes. Even at work, many women now choose these flats instead of the usual killer heels. You don’t need to carry a set of comfortable flip flops to and from work because before you leave the house, these flats are already chic enough. Embellished flats are now very popular as the added rhinestones, bows and metallic pointed toe details give a breath of elegance. Try Shully's Metallic Bow Pointy Flats and you’ll find wearing this pair everyday at work.

Whether you’re looking for animal printed, simple black staple, or ankle cuffs flats to give your look an easy breezy form, you’ll find every comfy and stylish pair you need at Make Me Chic. Shop now and get the latest pairs while they’re still available!

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