Lace Up Sandals

Embrace your personal preference with a soaring amount of chic styles during warmer seasons. Whether you’re dropping by the mall to buy something new or packing your bag with the best beach essentials, womens sandals are definitely indispensible products of any woman’s wardrobe. From strappy sandals worn during spring time to sand-strewn flip flops at the beach, sandals are clearly the most convenient and stylish type of footwear any girl could imagine.

Lace Up Gladiator Sandals

Want to show off your gorgeous legs? Give your legs some exposure by wearing short skirts or rompers. Finish off the look with a pair of ankle strap sandals. Today, these sandals are not only colorful but embellishments like rhinestones and studs are added to give the look the extra glam. Such designs bring elegance to one’s usual pair of sandals and they are perfect for either dress down or dress up occasions.

Long driving hours and road trips during the summer can be tiresome. For sure, you’ll want to wear something comfortable while you chat with friends, munch on some food, take a nap or when it’s time for you to drive. Wear your lace up sandals at the beginning of the trip so you don’t have to feel any ounce of distress wherever you may be. These are also your go-to companion when you need to run for some quick errands or when you feel like walking your dog looking like a smart, sweet chic that you are.

Wear ladies sandals in neutral tones like white, beige, tan, navy or black for easy pairing with your clothes. For a more appealing ensemble, animal printed and colorful patent sandals can quickly deliver a glam look under the sunny skies.

Of course when you want to show off your newly pedicured nails, your toes with popping colors must be seen in broad daylight. A pair of strappy lace up gladiator sandals in gold can instantly make you a Roman goddess. Make sure your nails are in the richest red color for that ultra-feminine effect. You can also try some neon lacquers when you wear your caged gladiator sandals. Play around with your lace up sandals for a hip fashion statement or when you just like to sit back, relax and chill at your front porch for some unwinding.

Look stunning at a party, be comfortable when you shop or be fashionably chic during your travels. Grab a pair of womens sandals here at Make Me Chic.