Must-have Wedge Shoes for Women – Wedge Sandals, Ankle Straps and Suede Wedges

Your feet will need their much needed break from those towering heels you love to wear all day. To give your feet some rest but still look fashionably chic, turn to wedge shoes and see for yourself how comfortable they can be for the rest of the day. If you’re one of the women who find it hard to walk on stilettos, these wedges are your go-to fab footwear.

Wedge sandals come in an assortment of colors, designs, styles and heel height ranging from an inch to more than 5 inches. Each sandal gives more support to your feet than high heels, making it comfortable for you to walk in them the entire day. Just imagine shopping for hours without having to complain about your aching feet and legs!

Trendy & Cute Wedge Sandals

Wearing this pair of women’s shoes can actually bring instant glamour to any occasion. Because wedges usually have bulk heels, printed ones can be very eye-catching. Bamboo Pompey-37 Elastic Ankle Cuff Wedges have woven geometric platform heels which are perfect to wear with any plain dresses or tops. These cute wedges are unique and sometimes hard to find so it’s like discovering treasure when you get to snag one up. Looking for a pair of sexy yet girly ankle strap wedges? Turn to Dunes-16 Criss Cross shoes and walk in them while you enjoy conversations over some appetizers in a party.

Taking a quick spin around town? A pair of Breckelle's Cilo-11w suede wedges is perfect for any dress up or dress down outfit. Wear it with cropped jeans during the day for some touristy vibe and glam up with a night dress for dinner. But if you want a more distinct and unique style, wear a color that would stand out like these Dollhouse Conquest Lace Up Caged Platform wedges in Tangerine. The lace up, caged effect, and 4" wedge heel will make your feet look smaller. We’re sure your friends will be asking you if they can borrow this pair on their next night out.

From simple low heel platforms to clear and heel-less pairs, you can’t resist having the latest women’s cute wedges as part of your trendy outfit rotation. You can wear these as you’re sprinting to the office, when you’re sipping your piña colada by the pool, or when you’re simply having a weekend brunch with your beau. For an up-to-date parade of cute wedge shoes in chic style and affordable prices, browse our selection here in Make Me Chic.